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  1. andrew7elk

    For Sale  FZJ80 locker control box

    I have a 4wheel drive control box and switch with pigtails out of a 1993 FZJ80. $100 send me your address for shipping quote
  2. andrew7elk

    For Sale  FZJ80 Supercharger

    I have a New Supercharger for a FZJ80 for sale. I am missing a lot of the parts to make the kit. I only have the compressor and the belt (I also believe i have the fan, just can't find it at the moment, so no guarantees on it) $950 obo
  3. andrew7elk

    Wanted  FZJ80 Supercharger Parts

    Hello i have the main supercharger for FZJ80 but need the rest of the parts and pieces to complete the kit. (expecially need plenums and pulleys) Let me know what you got and how much you want for it. Thanks!
  4. andrew7elk

    Brown BJ60 in Salmo BC????

    Does anyone know a Patrick Desilets that lives in Salmo BC, he drives a brown BJ60 in kinda of rough shape. His cruiser broke down in MB, Simon Liew and myself helped him to get going, and i lent him the pulley off my water pump. He was suposed to send it back but he cannont be found now.
  5. andrew7elk

    Need help! cant shift

    Hello, i have a 1993 Toyota T-100. Was driving then all of a sudden couldnt shift into any gears. No leaks around master or slave cylinder, slave cylinder moves about 1 inch when clutch is depressed, fluid was good not low at all. Tryed bleeding the system by hand, seemed to work but then...
  6. andrew7elk

    For Sale  1986 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ70

    Selling my 1986 BJ70 turbo diesel. Runs and drives great, body and paint was redone a couple years ago but there are a couple spots starting to bubble a bit. 612000km Saftied in MB, located in Brandon MB Canada $7700 Cdn obo (204) 761-3536
  7. andrew7elk

    Wanted  WTB: 24V Alternator with VAC pump

    Looking for a 24V alternator with Vacuum pump to fit a 1986 BJ70 with the 3B diesel. Thanks!
  8. andrew7elk

    stiff clutch???

    Hello, i have a 1986 BJ70, and every second day or so the clutch will randomly get stiff (almost to the point where you cant push the pedal in) and the brake light will come on at the same time. It still engages and disengages fine, it is just hard to push, then it will randomly go away. I cant...
  9. andrew7elk

    motor fuse blowing when turn signals on??

    I blew my motor fuse, and stuck a 25A in to get home and also blew the flasher. Bought a new Tridon flasher but am still blowing the motor fuse when i turn left or right. I removed all flasher lights and turned signals on. The signal light on the guage will light up and will not blow the fuse...
  10. andrew7elk

    Wiring scematic and help needed

    I need a wiring schematic for the turn signals/hazard/flahser on a 1986 BJ70 Canadian spec 24 volt. I turned on the signal one day and blew my engine fuse. The only extra fuse i had with me was a 25A tossed it in and blew the flasher relay. Ordered a new Tridon relay that i think will work but i...
  11. andrew7elk

    1986 BJ70 oil amounts???

    Does anyone know how much oil the diffs, tranny, transfercase, and engine take? Thanks in advance!
  12. andrew7elk

    Wanted  BJ70 gauge cluster

    Looking for a 24v BJ70 guage cluster to fit a 1986. Thanks in advance!
  13. andrew7elk

    bj70 lift kits?

    Is there any other companies other than OME and Dobinson that make lift kits for a BJ70 cruiser? thanks in advance!
  14. andrew7elk

    OME lift questions

    Hello, i lost the instructions for the OME 2" lift and was wondering if there was a difference between the left and right torsion bar and if there was any difference from front to back? Thanks in advance!!
  15. andrew7elk

    Wanted  Wanted: 80 series stock bumper

    Hello, looking for a 80 series stock bumper.
  16. andrew7elk

    2000-2006 Tunda lift?

    Hello i am looking for some pictures of Tundras with the 2.5" Old Man Emu lift. And am wondering if you can clear 33" tires with this lift? Thanks in advance!
  17. andrew7elk

    91 FJ80 will not start

    My 1991 Fj80 was sitting for about 5 days, then went to start it and it would not start. Have traced the problem to the fuel pump. I have checked the connector and was gettin about 10 volts to the fuel pump. Replaced fuel pump and it still wont work. Tryed hooking fuel pump up to external 12...
  18. andrew7elk

    100k service?

    My 2002 100 series just rolled over 100k miles, i have been doing some research on mud and have come up with the following things i should change. Was wondering if i missed anything or if anything on my list isnt really that important to change. Thanks in advance! List: -Timing belt -Water...
  19. andrew7elk

    Part-time 4wd transfercase??

    Will a part time 4wd transfercase bolt up to a 93-94 80 series tranny? If one will what year of transfercase and out of what vehicle? If one will not, is there any adapter kits available? Thanks!!!
  20. andrew7elk

    Rod bearing cap issues??

    Can anyone tell me what way the bearing cap is suposed to go on in relation to the oil holes in the bearing. (i have checked for marking on the side of the cap and there is nothing) any help appreciated..
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