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  1. Shoalwater

    LC rear bumper on LX

    Hey, probably a stupid question but I've searched around and didn't find anything... is it possible to swap the LX450's stock rear bumper for the LC's? I'm not prepared to purchase an after-market bumper although there are certainly some sweet ones out there - but I am really tired of the...
  2. Shoalwater

    Acceleration/Deceleration/Throttle Rattle/Crackle Sound

    I've been trying to figure out a sound on my '96 LX450 I've noticed when I put on or let off the throttle. It's not insanely loud, but it sounds like metal rattling or crackling. I've noticed it more in summer since I have the windows down a lot - it's not so bad that I can notice it with them...
  3. Shoalwater

    Armor/etc. shop questions

    Hi folks, I picked up an 80 recently and following some weeks spent getting things in order and doing baseline maintenance, I'm tempted to shop for some 'fun' stuff. Like bumper, sliders, etc. I have looked around a lot online and seen some cool stuff, but I was wondering if anyone had...
  4. Shoalwater

    Fan Clutch questions

    Hey folks, I have a 1996 LX450 I've owned a couple months and after doing fluid flushes and changing a few hoses the first thing I'm trying to tackle is a fan clutch replacement and/or service. I purchased this Aisin fan clutch after reading about Landtank's mod. I have opened it up and begun...
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