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    Hi-Lift jack mount

    Anyone using the new fjMount for the Hi-Lift jack?? :popcorn:
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    Carb Cooling

    Does anyone know if there is documentation covering the carb cooling fan and the RELAY#1 & RELAY#2 circuits? I have checked my manuals: 36104E 36262E 98154 98126 Maintenance Procedures 98231 (1980) Owners Man. 9763A Haynes 313 and can't find a hint of info. The sensor is still...
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    Wanted  VCV support bracket

    27July2010 Howdy; I'm looking for a bracket(And clip) that supports the VCV (Vacuum Control Valve) for the distributor. This is on an FJ40, 1979-80, and the bracket is mounted on the air cleaner body, right side, above the distributor. The bracket is mounted with 2 12mm bolts and has...
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    FJ60 dizzy questions:

    I'm planning on swapping in an FJ60 distributor and FJ60 dented plate. This will replace the existing FJ40 dist in my FJ40 1979-80. Do I need FJ60 coil & ignitor assembly? Does any one know what year FJ60 is preferred? Does any one have Toyota part numbers for dizzy and plate? Thanks...
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    First impression

    Well, just got my first look over of a new 200/option B. Cristo is doing some great work for a customer. My impression is that this beast is really some piece of work. People with large size and long legs are really going to be impressed; will have to pull driver seat forward to get at the...
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    schematics disable systems

    Does anyone have the EWD's on the 200? We need to figure out disconnects for the systems. Also, do wheels affect tire pres messure? ...
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    Alternator control

    Does anyone have info or experience withe Sterling Power product. Marine stuff from England. I'm working on an alternator/regulator control interface for the 80 series that will provide proper charge to batteries; this may be the ticket. Sterling Power Products: Alternator Regulators ...
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    distributor 19100-61101 - lube?

    I'm doing some repair and cleaning on my distributor. 1979-80 FJ40 restoration project... History: Said dist has been under water during storage (not installed in FJ40) for about 1 month way back in 1988 or so; storaged in a box after that. The steel is rusted, not severe; corrosion on the...
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    Rebuild trans - 1980

    Any one done a rebuild on the 1980 stock transmission . Need some input on what is involved. ...
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    distributor 19100-61101

    Ref: FJ40, 1979 to 1980 distributor, trouble shooting. This distributor, 19100-61101, is a reluctance type. Does anyone have info on coil resistance and or what FSM carries this information? Its not in the 98126 or 98231 manual. I need complete specs and drawings for this distributor...
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    Window runs - new

    Just a note to say that installing new window runs per FSM 98154, pg11-28 really does help with rattles and noise. U don't need to remove the glass, just tweak it out of the way of the front lower run channel (which is welded in place). Use silicone spray or similar, I used 303 Aerospace...
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    Tire; Narrow; BFG

    [FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]What size tires do I need to fit my 15x8 inch wheels? I'm looking for the narrow look on my FJ40; with the BFG tread. Any good pointers in this direction? [FONT]
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    Radiator, removal

    OK people; where is the radiator removal thread. I've searched the crap out the 80's section. This is for a 1994 stock FZJ80. Can't seem to find SUMOTOY write up; may have been lost in the digital mess. Ha! thanks ...
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    Transmission fried

    This is a true story that is going on as u read this; This is the only case I know of where someone burned up his transmission. The cruiser is a 94-1FZJ80, mostly stock. Recently serviced, including the transmission (1000 miles ago). A friend of mine (who is not on the mud forums) who owns...
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    New distributor WTB

    Anyone got any leads on a 1979-80 distributor in NEW condition. I'm collecting new stuff for my '80-FJ40 restoration. ...
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    Info on latest model?

    Does anyone have any info on the latest model? ...
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    Fuse Trouble Shooting chart FJ?80

    Here is link to my new fuse trouble shooting table. If u have a fuse blow, where do u start looking. First, u must have the correct manual for your 80. Then u need to goto the correct page to diognos the problem. Go here and print...
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    WinchControl Upgrade

    Instead of mounting the controller by WARN instructions; Build this in a few weeks; the connector is from nam electronics stuff. Only 3 pins are required. ...
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    Dual winches

    Anyone seen one with the dual winch package? Factory option! ...
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    Toyota Part Number is 47777-60030

    Does anyone have any input and more info on the following? This is a snip from the 80's cool list: For those that have had to travel outback roads in the wet and had their rear brake pads dissappear in rapid time, like I have, there is a soloution. For the mining companies Toyota...
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