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  1. Reg Wang

    Broken interior wood trim

    2011LX, the fake wood (Yamaha piano so to speak), under heat has come unglued & when pressed back, it just broke. What’s the deal with re-appointing this type of interior trims?
  2. Reg Wang

    LX shifter hard to move

    Experienced this twice so far. Car is a 2011 LX, when it rains & sitting for a few days, the shifter is hard to click in place, had to yank to shift out of P into whatever & back to P. My mechanic explained & warned me if it keeps happening but I don’t think I get it. Thanks.
  3. Reg Wang

    How to remove centre dash "Oil Maintenance Required"

    I don't know if the center console Other, Maintenance calendar is linked to the steering wheel dash display, but just around the time of my manually set reminder, the dash showed "oil maintenance required". I cleared/deleted the calendars on the touch screen, but the little dash display is still...
  4. Reg Wang

    All kinds of malfunctions

    At the shop this morning due to the VSC system, 4Lo, Check engine and traction lights all came on suddenly. 2011 LX570, 85000 miles. Drives fine. Scanned and showed all kinds of Faults (torque converter, air conditioning, steering angle sensor, main body???). How can it be, everything works fine.
  5. Reg Wang

    Full hood bra/decal?

    does the 2004 (maybe other 100 series) white LC has a complete white decal/lamination over the hood? I was looking at one today and the hood is Matt white. Like paper. Ran my finger it was not the feel of clrarcoat unless it’s matte white paint.
  6. Reg Wang

    Concave wheel on 200 series

    By concave, I'm referring to those old school, deep dish-like wheels, preferrably with round holes. In fact, I can live with not-so-deep wheels, such as on the 4runner or the GM trucks. I love the American Racing series but the bolt pattern won't fit. Any recommended wheel that's small, concave...
  7. Reg Wang

    Recommended Windshield service near NYC/CT

    Like the thread in the 100 series forum, I think the 200 forum deserves a thread. I'm about to take my 2011 LX to RnR Autoglass in Greenwich, CT, never dealth with them but google review sounds good and it's a two men shop, likely better than run of the mill safelite. Also, one review says they...
  8. Reg Wang

    American Racing Baja/Outlaw on 200 series

    i'd kill to get one of those American Racing deep dish wheels on my 2011 LX570. Factory spec: 20 by 8.5, 5 lug by 150mm bolt pattern, offset 51mm. Now, the Baja or Outlaw II wheels come in 5 lugs, they are small (15 by7 or 8, both good), offset is good, but the bolt pattern is smaller, there...
  9. Reg Wang

    Comparison of all LCs

    Ever wondered how all the Land Cruisers compare in terms of some of the major parameters, like chassis strength, body steel/glass thickness/strength etc etc, off road capability/technology aid, too. I'm interested more in a horizonatl comparison, not an evolutionary comparison (i.e. North...
  10. Reg Wang

    Ok to buy?

    New here and new to Toyota in general. Fascinated with the LC heritage so I've been searching and searching for an affordable deal. Found one, local Toyota dealer who would give my trade vehicle a good price and they have the cheapest 2013 LC, black on black, two owners and clean Carfax, 80k...
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