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  1. cybrstar

    Water crossings + 1000 miles...

    no. It messes up your bearings.
  2. cybrstar

    Transmission Filter change?

    I just ordered one from Napa. Make sure you get the one that looks like the bottom one, except I took off the cork gasket I ordered the top one from amazon and they said it was for the a442f but has an extra opening. Wit this said, I am replacing the filter because when I felt the cork...
  3. cybrstar

    Transmission Filter change?

    So yes it’s a metal mesh filter and doesn’t really need to be changed. Model I’m dealing with is a A442f. Took it off to replace the solenoids. Looking at the filter it still looks good and doesn’t look like there is any gunk on it and am thinking about reusing it. But if it’s an original...
  4. cybrstar

    eimkeith Panhard correction kit install

    this is an ABS rig. I pulled all the wires off.
  5. cybrstar

    front axle GRRR? Found this too. Wow ARB, thankfully mines not like this one.
  6. cybrstar

    1 person Head Removal?

    I’ve installed/removed Both front/rear 3rd member from my chest, pulled the rear axle out to replace it with a locked one on a grade, And stopped a rolling car before it hit a bus full of nuns..... but I’ll use an engine hoist. Thank you all for the feedback. Lol
  7. cybrstar

    front axle GRRR?

    Well I think I just got it fixed. After the diff oil change I raised the front end up in the air and turned the locker on and saw if the tires locked when trying to rotate and they did. Then unlocked and both spun counter of each other as supposed to, then cycle again for 3-5 times. I then...
  8. cybrstar

    front axle GRRR?

    Yes I've search but it my GRR seems to be a new issue. Whats happening, deceleration there is a GRR noise coming from the front end especially going downhill with just releasing the throttle. Suspects, Ujouints, Slip joint, driveshaft ect. Steps Ive taken is swap out the driveshaft from my DC...
  9. cybrstar

    Trail Gear weld on sliders Here’s my posting. Building another set again on another rig. I had one set that went through the rubicon with no issues.
  10. cybrstar

    eimkeith Panhard correction kit install

    yeah that’s what I did. Not pretty but functional. Just send me a new set for my other FZJ80 94 and we’ll call it square. :p
  11. cybrstar

    eimkeith Panhard correction kit install

    I ordered an FZJ80 for my 93. Is this bracket correct @eimkeith ? The rear has a V notch on the back and mine is flat. I order the fZJ80.
  12. cybrstar

    1 person Head Removal?

    Man, the hood must weigh just as much as the head itself. :rofl: That could shed off 50lbs if anyone made a carbon fiber hood.
  13. cybrstar

    1 person Head Removal?

    So using a Cherry Picker removing the hood is not necessary?
  14. cybrstar

    1 person Head Removal?

    I tried to search but there are too many threads on doing the Headgasket, which I am about to attempt. I was wondering how hard it is to pull and install the head with just 1 person? Is an engine crane/cherry picker needed or can you muscle it off/on?
  15. cybrstar

    Experience with Tatton's Double Cardan DS

    I’ve bought close to a dozen from him over the last past 10 years. No complaints here. Some of the DC joints have been different throughout the year but none have given me issues. Hey for the price you can’t go wrong.
  16. cybrstar

    Lift options: Tapered Spring or not

    Not 850j/864 rear l-shocks.
  17. cybrstar

    Thanks! Best Land Cruiser Info Anywhere!

    Great to have you! what type of influence did this community help you with? cruiser looks great!
  18. cybrstar

    caster correction???

    first off, how were you planning on moving the axle Forward?
  19. cybrstar

    Yukon zip air locker

    okay since no one has ever used the Zip locker, I guess i'll be the first. Just had the rear Zip installed in the rear of the LC with 5.29's elite gears. Shawn from River City Differentials did the install and would highly recommend him if your in northern california. But I have to say, I was...
  20. cybrstar

    Eaton elocker install for rear diff completed.

    Nice! i wonder how the elocker works compared to the air lockers? I just had my diffs redone as well with 5.29's and ARB/Yukon ZIp. If your in northern California I highly recommend River City Differentials in Rancho Cordova, Shawn has been in the business servicing toyota diffs since the...
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