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  1. Climbingnut

    CV boot install

    Was out in the bush this week and had a great time. Saw a number of new places, but in the process, something popped up, and managed to pop a hole in my driver side, inside CV boot... Without a Toyota dealer around, nor any good shops, I'll do the work myself, but I do have some questions...
  2. Climbingnut

    Choosing OME Springs for BP-51

    I'm heading down to South Africa in July to get my Cruiser kitted out. Right now I'm ordering my BP-51 suspension for my 200 GX-R, but need to choose a correct spring rate. I'll be purchasing a front bull bar w/winch and skids, as well as a rear bar with single swing out for the spare. I tow an...
  3. Climbingnut

    For Sale  FZJ 80 Starter Motor in Central FL

    I have a new starter motor for sale. It's never been mounted and is new in the box. It has no casting numbers on it. I had a 91' and a 93 LC and after selling them, had this left over as a spare part. I'll take $80 OBO. Buyer pays for shipping. I can take credit card or check.
  4. Climbingnut

    Adding an Int'l Cruiser Club

    Woody, Jroberts said you might be able to help with adding an international cruiser club to the list. I've been in England a lot lately, and found a European Landcruiser club that is very helpful and has a very active forum. How do we get it setup on the clubhouse so their link is posted...
  5. Climbingnut

    Rear Swing Outs

    I'm building a rear bumper and am trying to find out what is the best hinge pin to use for rear swing outs. Any opinions???
  6. Climbingnut

    ForSale: Central Florida x 2 Roof racks

    I have two nearly identical roof racks. They're both mounted on yakima bars and one has side mounts for a high-lift jack or other accessories. They are in good shape and need a small rattle can job to clean up. Asking $250 apiece obo.
  7. Climbingnut

    Central FL: New Timing Chain Cover, 2 Wheels

    I'm selling a brand new timing cover assy for a 92-98 1FZ motor. Asking $200 Also 2 used aluminum wheels from a 93' Series 80. $75 takes them both. All parts are located in Cocoa Beach, FL and are available for pickup or shipping.
  8. Climbingnut

    99' Taco alignment issues

    Need some help here. My Tacoma has 216K on it, and at about 200K I was getting some cupping on my tires so I took it into get an alignment, only to find out that the ball joints were going. Being that it had 200K on the clock, I replaced the rod ends, and ball joints with 555 parts, the...
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