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  1. smokymtnjoe


    One day last week I drove about 60 miles to a trailhead and then drove about 15 miles of moderate trail (with a short section or two of steep crawling and one big creek crossing) to a property for work. Anyway, it was a fairly warm day and I wasn't easy on the truck. On my way back home on the...
  2. smokymtnjoe

    Trail Gear Bumper/Fairlead

    Installed a Trail Gear bumper the other day and had plans to use a Warn steel hawse fairlead I had laying around. The bolt holes line up but the fairlead is too tall. Wanting to keep my winch cable so I need a steel fairlead. Anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions on a steel fairlead I can...
  3. smokymtnjoe

    2016 Tacoma Rear Bumpers?

    Anybody seen a build thread or anyone have ideas on custom bumpers? Mainly the rear. It is a 3 piece bumper and the chrome/plastic piece does not do too well when it drags across a creek bank!
  4. smokymtnjoe

    Wanted  1993 FZJ80 Left Rear Tail Light Assembly

    I need a left (drivers side) rear tail light cover for a '93 FZJ80. Wife had a fencepost jump behind her in the driveway the other day.
  5. smokymtnjoe

    '93 FZJ80 - Shock Size - Unknown Lift

    My rear shocks are done for. I am not 100% sure what kind/size of lift I have. Can someone help me out with this project? Bought the truck in 2014 and it was already lifted. I do not trust that the last owner had the right shock size and simply just pulling the old ones off and replacing with...
  6. smokymtnjoe

    80 Series Mechanic

    Gentlemen, I am looking for a good mechanic in east TN (I live in Maryville). I need to know who I can trust in the future in case I don't have the time or don't feel like mechanicin'. Thank you.
  7. smokymtnjoe

    Wanted  93-94 FZJ80 Air Flow Meter

    Looking for a working AFM for my '93 cruiser. Thank you.
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