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  1. mervo

    For Sale  2000 LX470 104k Fort Collins, CO. SOLD

    Good day fellow Mudders, Posting a friends 2000 LX for him, please see the Craigslist add below for additional details. I'd really like to see a rig with this low of miles go to a Cruiserhead. MINT! Lexus / landcruiser - LX470 - LOW MILES
  2. mervo

    Another 1st Gen 4Runner Build

    Fellow Mudders, Earlier this week my wife told me a neighbor from a few blocks away stopped by as they always see me in the driveway working on my 80 series, and hauling stuff to the dump in my 95 standard cab 22re (first vehicle I ever purchased). Well, to make a long story short, the...
  3. mervo

    Labor Day in Ouray?

    Just throwing it out there to see if any MUD members are going to be in the area? Me and the family are heading down, camping, and hitting a few trails on Saturday and Sunday. If you're heading to that neck of the woods let me know!!
  4. mervo

    For Sale  71 FJ55 w/Flippac

    No affiliation and I didn't see this posted anywhere. Thought you guys would dig it. Toyota: Land Cruiser LARGE SUV
  5. mervo

    Fender Flare welding in N. CO/or S. WY?

    Any of you guys with 80 series pull your fender flares and weld the holes shut? If so, and you have the time, and would like a few extra $$ let me know. I'd rather hook someone up from the MUD than an auto-body shop. Thanks, -Mervo
  6. mervo

    What did your 80 get for Christmas?

    Mine got a very nice shop roll from my wife, courtesy of @AdventureToolCompany
  7. mervo

    FoCo sighting

    Well, a few of the Clubs have a 'sightings' thread and I never thought much of it. However, all of that changed on Friday night when me, wife, and little dude left La Luz and my wife pointed out one of your rigs and said, "why don't you hurry up and get yours looking that good." (freakin wife)...
  8. mervo

    Builds  Another 80 series build thread. The 'BlackHole'

    Hey all, I've been searching for an 80 series for quite some time, and a few weeks ago, (3 to be exact), found one that was the right price, and condition for me. 1995 80 series, 196k, locked. The goal of this rig is to create a worthy family over-landing vehicle. Colorado trails, camping...
  9. mervo

    CDL switch installed, transfer indicator switch replaced, still nothing.

    Hey all, After installing the OEM dash mounted CDL switch in accordance with various youtube vids my dash was reading a whole lot of NOTHING. No ABS, No locker engaged. As per usual I did hear the obvious 'whirring' that Kumar mentions in the informative Slee article. (found here: Slee - Fixing...
  10. mervo

    For Sale  95 80series, 3rd row TAN seats, and seat belts.

    Local only, not trying to ship these. I live in Fort Collins, work in Golden. If you're in Denver, C-Springs, Boulder, etc., let me know and I'm sure we can work something out. No cracks in the leather, PM me for more pics, $250, OBO. Could use some cleaning, and conditioning, but nothing...
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