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    What can you tell me about this dizzy?

    Here’s what I know... It came on my 6/74 FJ40 but don’t know if it’s the original. I tried to clean the label with carb cleaner and it removed some of the paint. I won’t make that mistake again! Here are the numbers on the label: 19100-60066 029100-2720 F. 5M (stamped on the label)...
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    Help me estimate my timing setting - and where it should be.

    Here is the background. 6/74 FJ40. Engine was de-smoged and it has headers. I was told the original owner milled down the heads for better compression but compression now is just OK. Everything else is pretty original. Oh and I’m at 9000 ft elevation. I set timing with a light and it idles...
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    Need tips for draining fuel tank, straining gas, and protective tank maintenance.

    Would appreciate any tips and advice. 1974 FJ40 I’m going to remove and eliminate a broken electric fuel pump that feeds into my mechanical pump, which is also broken and will be replaced with OEM part. I figure I might as well drain the fuel tank and see if there is any debris before hooking...
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    Lost my idle and obvious fixes didn’t work. Need help.

    Here’s my story... 1974 FJ40. Owned it for 15 years but it sits for 8 months every winter, and then driven only about 15+ short outings each summer. I know, that’s a sin and I may be paying for it now. So two weeks ago it fired it up from it’s deep sleep and it ran fine as usual. After 3-4...
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    Brief, mysterious loss of oil pressure

    Two weeks ago, took a leisurely, low speed drive for about 20 minutes. After making a slow speed U-turn, both myself and passenger noticed a very subtle change in the engine sound - very mild tapping. I looked at the oil pressure guage and it showed none! I immediately shut her down and...
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    Meet the Blue Bumper - our family '74 FJ40

    After learning tons of things from you guys just lurking, I decided it was time to introduce myself, or rather, our Landcruiser. My father bought it over 25 years ago and three generations have enjoyed it in high altitude, central Colorado. It was our youngest generation that named it Blue...
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