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    For Sale Meridian/Kuna Idaho - 1991 LJ78 Diesel (2LT) - RHD

    When you say the motor is sized, do you mean seized?
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    Anybody's 70 prada broke down in Grand Island Nebraska today?

    If you're on here I saw you, desperately wanted to stop and chat but I had an appointment at work I had to keep. If you need help later today maybe?
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    For Sale 1991 FJ75 troopy LHD - Draper, UT

    I wanna see more pics of the D110/109 in the background
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    SOLD Alberta 1985 Bj70 mini truck

    I don't see the price anywhere
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    SOLD NOS OEM Spare Tire Carrier Bracket for 70-series

    Wait, there's five lug landcruisers???? Mind=blown.
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    Overland Imports: Full Frame off Restored Toyota Bandeirante for sale

    Thank you for replying..color me surprised. Since April. You're right no ghosting.
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    Overland Imports: Full Frame off Restored Toyota Bandeirante for sale

    I love it when sellers don't put pics or prices in their ad's and then ghost their own listing... For brand new corvette money and a full resto you'd think maybe a heater or even A/C could be added...
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    craigslist No affiliation, FJ45 Bend, OR

    stupidest tool box
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    SOLD troopy

    Have you put this on Expedition portal? Was searching through there the other day, can't remember if I saw yours there or not but it seems the buying frenzy is worse than Bringatrailer over there. Some loose wallets indeed.
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    SOLD 2003 Troopy in the US

    Yeah kinda what i was thinking when people were told theyre fun at parties
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    SOLD 2003 Troopy in the US

    Im not sure what position you're taking on this. Which side do you find annoying and would have change their opinion to suit yours?
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    How to register a 2012 Euro 5 hzj78 in the US?

    Question is...does it hurt anyone or is it morally wrong to drive without insurance, have an accident, somebody gets injured, and there is no insurance to cover your or the other driver's medical bills/lost wages/ damages/ legal expense? Driving an illegally imported car opens you up to your...
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    SOLD 2003 Troopy in the US

    coil front and leaf rear springs seems fishy to me but IDK...
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    SOLD Western CO: 87 HJ75 Troopcarrier, 12HT, running/driving project

    So I see that this one is being resold on EBAY closing in an hour or so.. 324094208862 Item number
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