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    Re-installing a dash mounted ignition switch with a Painless harness

    Good morning, hope it has been a good week so far. I hacked in a toggle switch based ignition set up for the adventure last year and since then ordered a generic GM/Universal Painless wiring harness. The only GM specific thing about the harness is that it had some pre-made plugs for a GM old...
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    Reinstalling a front

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    Seems like a bad power steering hose routing idea, no?

    Good morning gentlemen, hope everybody’s had a good weekend so far. I am trying to figure out the power steering routing, obviously you want to make sure it’s not going to foul on anything, but this doesn’t look like the right way to do it to me. Any better ideas?
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    For Sale  1974 Rear axle with disc brake conversion in SoCal

    The new front axle I needed came bundled with a spare 1974 rear axle. This is a 4.10 with a disc brake conversion kit and calipers on it. I've not run it personally but claimed to be good from the person I bought it from. Located in Orange County. Asking $600 which seems reasonable but talk to...
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    Swapping out front axle differential flange - any tips?

    Good morning. I ended up doing a front axle swap to kick the can down the road on my PO modified FJ60 outer axle with bad oil leaks just to get the rig back on the road. In that process I created a new issue that I didn't catch when the axle was off the rig however, and am hoping to get some...
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    Any good 20R shops in Orange County CA?

    Good morning. Can anyone recommend a shop in Orange County CA that is good with these engines? Looks like I may have a head gasket issue and I’ve got so many other projects (like the FJ40) That I’m thinking I may just throw some money at it so I can make progress on other stuff. Thanks...
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    I’m a moron - could use some help on SBC pully set up

    Under the heading of this is why I have a shed full of parts from cars that have long gone, because I was working in someone else’s warehouse space I overly disposed of parts from the old SBC. The new crate engine is in and I need to connect everything now but as it turns out I had a extra long...
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    Brake M/C bore size question

    Good mornin, hope it’s been a good week so far and everyone is healthy and staying safe. When I build my ‘68 rig I did a 4 wheel disc brake at up with a Lexus SUV brake M/C and a Mini truck booster. It worked well and had plenty of stopping power but was over boosted. The Lexus M/C failed...
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    Rethinking my drivetrain – thinking about ditching the doubler

    Good morning gentlemen, hope everybody had a good weekend. The engine is out on my 68S BC conversion and will be getting a new donor engine, and that’s prompted me thinking about digging deep and redoing the transmission and driveline assembly. I currently have a TH 350 connected to a NP203...
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    Should I have a seal here?

    Good morning gentlemen, I hope everybody had a good weekend. I am working on rebuilding the front axle of my 1968 rig with FJ60 outers. I have learned with this rig not to assume that what I inherited is correct and I wanted to ask based on that lesson learned if I’m supposed to have a seal...
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    Tips and lessons learned from front axle knuckle rebuild

    Hello! With the engine pulled out now seems like a good time to deal with my front end axle leaks and deferred maintenance. This will be my first time rebuilding axles on a Toyota (or any similar off road vehicle) so very open for coaching and ideas here. My rig is a 1968 FJ40 with FJ60s...
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    How much power is too much - spec for new crate engine?

    First of all - I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Boat loads of great people here that I hope are taking care of themselves and family... My '68 rig needs an engine refresh, and after doing all of the math on it with needing/wanting some professional help on it I've realized that...
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    Request for coaching on how to make sure I order the right replacement springs

    Gentlemen, hope everybody’s doing well and people are getting ready for a good off-road season. My ‘68 has a partially collapsed/broken passenger side rear spring. This rig is been lifted, and I don’t have the specs of what was used to do it, so I was hoping to get some coaching on how I make...
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    Taking a V8 Edlebrock rig from sea levels to CO mountains

    Good morning and very belated Happy New Year (just sneaked that in under the wire). My co-driver and I have been invited to a CO mountain trip this August and I’m curious about what I need to do to get the carb / engine to be happy at altitude. The rig handled northern AZ just fine but CO...
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    Leaking axle seals and knuckle seals

    Good morning and happy Friday. Post trip I clearly have a rear axle seal leak, which is frustrating because I only have 750 miles on the seals. The front knuckles look greasier than I would expect, suggesting to me that the seals need to be redone as well, but I don’t have a sense of what...
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    Holy missing bolts Batman

    I assume that post trip I should not be missing these bolts.... We can file this under the category entitled things that don’t happen to sports cars. Grin.
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    Tips on sealing up the approximately 983,361 unused holes?

    I have a ridiculous number of open holes in the cab and body overall. It looks like my rig worked for a living and the prior owners were quick to mount stuff wherever they saw fit. I would normally just grab the MIG and start patching / welding everything up ( and may still do that after the...
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    What is most likely to break or strand an FJ40 off-road?

    So as many of you know I've not turned a wheel off-road except for the odd occasion I had to turn around in the gravel after missing a turn on a road trip. Hardly confidence inspiring, I know. I am also the dolt that bought brand new black cloth seats for the total open and exposed FJ40, yeah...
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    Running a Saginaw steering conversion without power steering

    Good morning bud, happy Friday everyone. As the title states I have a question about running a Saginaw steering conversion without power steering. This is the 1968 with the GM drivetrain and while I need to check to see how it’s steers with all of the proper components, thanks again to @65swb45...
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