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    front leaf spring top hanger Question

    I have fj40 1975 trying to add greasable bolts they are 5/8 size, bolt will not go in because their is a sleeve inside factory hanger. Can I remove sleeve and not affect integrity of hanger, Hangers are on front. adding new bushings also. Is the purpose of sleeve if it is brass ? their for...
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    Wanted  shift boot for 1988 4x4 Toyota p/up long style

    boot that covers bot sticks
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    won a $250.00 gift certificate at relic run from Caroina Off-Road Outfitters in Raleigh N.C.

    I can't use it if anyone can hit back , sell for $50.00 , trying to recoup registration fee did not get to attend ,broke down on way their
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    Have a Davis DUI Distributor

    What should I gap spark plugs at , DAVIS say you can increase gap , normal gap 2f is 32, thanks
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    For Sale  F Engine parts

    Rubber boot for clutch fork on flywheel cover $10.00 , valve cover oil cap$8.00 , flywheel cover $30.00, Thermostat housing 2 pc. $40.00 , oil filter bracket $20.00, motor mounts 2 ,$10.00, oil pan $40.00 (been welded on bottom solid ) oil journal assembly $20.00 ,motor side cover $20.00...
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    leaking head gasket ?

    how check for a leaking head gasket, on 2f , have white and gray smoke when race motor, but not at idle, is this enough infor. ?
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    where to buy best head gasket for 2f 1983

    is there a head gasket good as OEM out their. less than $90.00 ? thanks
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    Muffler for fj40 a quiet one

    having trouble finding a 13in length 2 1/2 inlet and outlet but a quiet one is the problem , help thanks
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    all4offroad led light strips ?

    Has anyone bought led light strips from this company ? their are 6 small ligts to a strip encased in rubber. did you have any problems with them ?
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    Led light strip strange problem !!

    got led light strip w/ 6 lights to strip each one is little less than postage stamp in size from A 2 wire hookup, when I test red & black to battery strip lights up fine and will burn for hours, but when I crank up cruiser in less than 30 seconds lights all go off except 2 ...
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    Mean Green alternator hook up on 75 fj40

    Looking at Mean Green for stock 75 fj40 has anyone use one and did you do anything to stock wiring when you hooked it up ?
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    G.M. alternator conversion

    Which G.M. alternator do I need to convert my 75 fj40 and steps to do this. THANKS
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    fall Crawl Date

    Dates and will it be held at The Cove ? I'am in N.C. WHERE WOULD I MEET UP WITH group ?
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    For Sale  Diffs front & Rear 370 for fj40 will take to Gsmitter for pickup

    Diffs out of 1983 fj40 they show no ware $400.00 packed in oil no rust !!
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    For Sale  Diffs front & Rear 370 for fj40 will take to Gsmitter for pickup

    Diffs out of 1983 fj40 they show no ware $400.00 packed in oil no rust !!
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    For Sale  jf40 skid plate & 4speed & transfer case

    Skid plate off 1975 fj40 may fit other years ? $25.00 4 speed & transfer case off fj40 1983 $150.00 all in good working 4speed & transfer case still mated tighter. Can deliver to GSMITTER
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    For Sale  fj40 1975 skid plate & transfer case stick & linkage

    All is in good shape skid plate $40.00 linkage $40.00 plus the ride, Thanks
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    How to fix ziper on rear window soft top ?

    When zipping rear window it want pull togather ,went to no help their, anyone had this problem ? how did you get a fix ? Thanks John :crybaby:
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    1975 fj40 aftermarket oil pressure gauge power source ?

    When I turn key on to start motor, my oil pressure gauge reads 25lbs. oil pressure, & motor is not running , I have wire ran to fuse box . where is my problem ? When motor is runing oil pressure reads 100 lbs. but is around 75 lb. ? I do run the high volume oil pump , from T.P.I. not...
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    Center arm ajustment,? jack up front end nessary ,for this ?

    I have read on threads to jack up front with tires off ground to ajust nut on center arm, is this true ? Thanks
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