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  1. alanbl

    Thank-you Cruiser Parts in NH

    Just a shout out thank-you to in Sullivan, NH. I ordered a heater blower fan about two weeks ago. As of the end of last week, I had not received it so called and I was ready to be ticked off. Turns out they kept pulling fans in order to find one where the resistor was good so...
  2. alanbl

    Windshield Weatherstrip Locking Strip

    It took about an hour to replace the windshield in my 1970 FJ40. The "rope trick" worked great! However, trying to get the weatherstrip locking strip in is another story. At the rate I'm going with a screw driver and windex, it should take about four hours! I'm sure there must be a proper...
  3. alanbl

    Heater Fan Motor

    1970 FJ40. The fan motor sort of quit on me about two years ago but I could get it turning if I "tapped" on it with a rubber mallet. This year, no such luck. I thought it might be the old wiring and/or corroded switch so I figured I could rig a new toggle switch bypassing the original dash...
  4. alanbl

    '70 FJ40 Need rear hatch window & seal.

    Been looking all over the web for a window and seal for the rear hatch of my 1970 FJ40. So far, no luck. Wondering if anyone has some suggestions. Thanks!
  5. alanbl

    '70 FJ40 Front Heater Blower Question

    Hi all, The front heater blower fan works will not "kick start" into action. What I mean is that it will turn if I pull it out of the enclosure and give it a little nudge. But it won't get turning when I first pull the switch. This has been happening for awhile and I used to be able to just...
  6. alanbl

    Need windshield & rear hatch glass

    1970 FJ40. Need a new windshield and the rear hatch glass along with the rubber weather stripping. Anyone know of a source for NOS or new fabrication? Thanks! Oh yeah. Would prefer a Colorado source to keep it easy on myself!
  7. alanbl

    Thanks Forum!

    RE: The great Gear Shift project. Today I finally had all the needed parts and finally got the Cruiser put back together. Thanks to everyone who responded to my requests for help on this. I really could not have done it without your input. By the way, what probably contributed to the metal...
  8. alanbl

    Rear heater hose diameter?

    Anyone know what the inside diameter is of the hoses that run to the rear heater in a '72 FJ40? I have a puncture and need to get a hose connector. Am doing a bunch of repairs tomorrow and knowing this now will save me going back up to the house, cutting the hose and measuring and then coming...
  9. alanbl

    Gear Shift Removal - Help!

    Some of you may have seen my post about the gear tower breaking off the transmission case cover. Well, the weather finally warmed up enough so I was able to remove the gas tank and the tranny tunnel today. Unbolted what is left of the tranny case cover. But, I cannot get the gear shift out of...
  10. alanbl

    Drain Gas Tank - '72 FJ40

    Imagine my surprise last week as I was plowing and the gear shift came off in my hand! The metal separated at the shift tower. I was able to get a replacement transmission cover so I need to remove the transmission tunnel in order to do the repair. Naturally, there's one screw on the...
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