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  1. pawnthatdude

    SOLD  FZJ80 Lowbeam headlight connector

    My headlight connector is on the fritz, where the bulb plugs into the wiring harness. I want to get a new one and splice it in there. Hopefully someone out there (with a part out) could just snip theirs as far as possible from the connector.
  2. pawnthatdude

    What to do with shifter hole left by H55F conversion

    I just got my FJ62 converted. I wanted to see if anyone has anything more creative than a carpet patch stuck under the hole left by the auto shifter? Something less extreme than all new carpet. A little tray for a phone would go perfectly there if you could make it look factory.
  3. pawnthatdude

    SOLD  Eezi Awn 1600 rooftop tent

    Asking $1,300 for the tent. Rack no longer available. Eezi Awn Series 3 1600 RTT (MSRP $2,400) The tent is used, it's been a lot of places. The materials are all super durable, though, so there is plenty of life left. The mattress is comfortable. The cover is about a year old, lots of life...
  4. pawnthatdude

    Cost of H55F conversion on FJ62

    My FJ62 has been meticulously maintained since new, including transmission fluid changes every 30-60k. But with 320k on the original transmission, it's already lasted an amazingly long time on the original A440F. Shifting is still great. But there is serious migration of fluid from the transfer...
  5. pawnthatdude

    Wanted  FJ60/FJ62 Front Mud Flaps

    For a '90 US FJ62, shipped to Colorado.
  6. pawnthatdude

    Where are my 1990 FJ62 owners at?

    There is some tribal knowledge around here that "all" 1990 FJ62s (in the US at least) were made in 1989 and held over to bridge the gap to the 1991 FJ80. I could not actually find anything to confirm this, just reading it here. The door sticker on mine has a 12/89 manufacture month, so I...
  7. pawnthatdude

    For Sale  FJ62 front speakers

    In good working order, $40 shipped in the US. Part numbers 86160-90A05 (passenger) and 86160-90A06 (driver)
  8. pawnthatdude

    For Sale  60 series front door switches

    I have two 84231-28010, SWITCH, COURTESY LAMP, which are the switches for the front doors that control the lights and beeper. Never opened, still in the original bag. $30 shipped in the US. Looks to be used in the majority of 1980s Toyotas, including the FJ60, FJ62, HJ60, BJ60, and HJ61.
  9. pawnthatdude

    Wiring 60 series for auto headlight on/off

    I was wondering if anyone has taken things a step further than the buzzer mod and wired their headlights to come on in the run position and turn off in acc/off (like most cars nowadays). It seems like you could do this by adding a relay to the headlight circuit, toggled by another source. Has...
  10. pawnthatdude

    Truck pulls to left

    My Cruiser always pulls slightly to the left. The freeplay of the steering wheel is about 1.5", and I basically have to hold it at the right edge of the freeplay all the time (if that makes sense). If I let go of the wheel, it will go left. I've done my reading: It's not tires. Any number of...
  11. pawnthatdude

    For Sale  FZJ80 starter

    Never installed, new Toyota remanufactured 1.4kw series starter for 08/1992-01/1998 Cruisers, part 28100-66040. Asking $210 mailed anywhere in the US.
  12. pawnthatdude

    craigslist  Locked, stock 40th anniversary $18k

    Not mine but interesting to see super high miles, bone stock, with lockers (look close on one of the pictures), on a 40th!
  13. pawnthatdude

    RTH what is dripping?

    On the firewall, from somewhere above the heat shield, there is clear water dripping onto the exhaust off the edge of the heat shield. I can't see where it's coming from above. Seems like condensation (pure clear water when I gathered some in a cup, not coolant) but where does it come from? I am...
  14. pawnthatdude

    Wanted  80 series headlight bulb cover

    Looking for the rubber seals on the back of the headlight, as I discovered mine don't have any, which lets dust in over time into my headlight. The part is discontinued. 90075-99027 and 90075-99028, or #9 and #10 in the diagram below.
  15. pawnthatdude

    SOLD  80 series passenger grab handle

    Gray, brand new, only taken out of the plastic to look at. $50 shipped in the US. Part 74670-60040
  16. pawnthatdude

    For Sale  80 series hub covers and headlight trim

    4 plastic hub caps from a 97 LC with aluminum wheels. $60 shipped to the US. Brand new in package left hand chrome headlamp rim (81156-60302). $25 shipped to the US.
  17. pawnthatdude

    For Sale  FZJ80 Alternator and fan clutch

    Fan should be part number 16210-66010 with the normal fluid in it. I replaced it with a blue fan clutch to improve cooling on long climbs for my heavy rig, but I don't have any reason to believe this one isn't working fine. $60 + shipping in the US. Alternator should be 27060-66070. I replaced...
  18. pawnthatdude

    SOLD  Eezi Awn 270 Bat Wing Awning (Colorado)

    Had this for a few years but barely used it. Deployed less than 10 times. Never rained on. Retails for $1300 and includes mounts for a c-channel rack. I had it on their K9 rack. Goes on super easy, I will help you if you want. Asking $650, and I will drive it a reasonable distance for the asking...
  19. pawnthatdude

    craigslist  1989 HJ61 145k (NY)

    1989 Toyota Land Cruiser JDM VX imported from Japan last year. Not mine, but found it interesting. Seems to be on top of maintenance and holy cow it looks clean. But notes that the odometer was rolled back?
  20. pawnthatdude

    craigslist  1976 FJ40, 350 crate engine, Boulder, CO $22k (not mine)

    Saw this and I don't think it was posted here before 1976 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40
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