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  1. pawnthatdude

    1FZ power steering pump replacement...

    The first two times I did this the banjo bolt came off without spinning the bottom bolt. For the banjo bolt I put the pump in a vice to hold it (and again to torque it).
  2. pawnthatdude

    1FZ power steering pump replacement...

    I don't recall any difficulty removing the high pressure hose bracket. I suspect yours might have been replaced in the past and put on differently or the hose is slightly different. Only the third time did I have trouble removing the high pressure hose. It's very easy to bend the high pressure...
  3. pawnthatdude

    1FZ power steering pump replacement...

    Watch my video from when I changed my pump for the third time. I go over what happens if you run into this. You just need another wrench. I recommend taking the pump out with the hoses attached to it.
  4. pawnthatdude

    Roof Top Tent (RTT) Questions

    I just switched from a soft shell tent after a few years to the GFC. I don't usually hang out in one spot for multiple days. Being able to deploy/pack up my tent this fast is a game changer. Two people could set it up in less than 20 seconds.
  5. pawnthatdude

    need dash cover, any advice?

    When I just put in my shipping address to see, it says it cannot ship to that address. Interesting.
  6. pawnthatdude

    need dash cover, any advice?

    Pretty sure you need to buy Escape Gear products from Equipt if you're in the US. The dash covers are $60 there.
  7. pawnthatdude

    Wanted Where to get pass side battery box?

    b4wheeler's post above gives the part number for the DS battery box and all the associated hardware.
  8. pawnthatdude

    SOLD Colorado/1991/Toyota Land Cruiser/HZJ77

    I must not buy a 3rd Cruiser, I must not buy 3rd Cruiser, I must not buy a 3rd Cruiser...
  9. pawnthatdude

    Space needed for knuckle job?

    When you do an axle rebuild and you end up with no drivetrain... That's Mud OCD if I've ever seen it!
  10. pawnthatdude

    Cost to set up stock FZJ80 for overlanding?

    If you mean overlanding like most people mean, i.e. driving around on dirt roads in the west, i.e. camping, then you don't need anything special. Sliders should be your FIRST armor upgrade, not the last. You can rip your stock bumpers off on rocks, stumps and roots, but who cares? They're...
  11. pawnthatdude

    What are you guys doing for insurance – do any of you have an agreed-upon value for your rig?

    Not entirely on topic, but who here has gotten a "total loss" on regular comp/collision insurance, and then argued with their insurance to get market value rather than simply KBB/NADA? How successful were you?
  12. pawnthatdude

    Compact Impact Wrench for 80 Work?

    I love my M12 3/8th stubby. Pretty powerful and light.
  13. pawnthatdude

    SOLD FZJ80 Lowbeam headlight connector

    Yes, I just got one from a part out. I just installed it, in the light rain, in Boulder! Not ideal but I need to drive to the airport tonight and I want two headlights.
  14. pawnthatdude

    Front Runner Fold Down Table on Slee Swingout

    I have thought about this so much, this is amazing. Want to make me one that I can weld on? I don't even weld (yet), but I really like how this looks.
  15. pawnthatdude

    U joint hack job

    After the amount of hammering I did on mine, I am fine paying someone else to do the hammering next time! (Hopefully it won't look like this)
  16. pawnthatdude

    Build an overlanding LX450?

    It was their rear axle that basically grenaded, not engine/trans. But that's not really my point either. The point is the consequence of a breakdown in a country where your vehicle does not exist is a lot higher than the consequence of any old rinky dink that is common in country. The question...
  17. pawnthatdude

    Build an overlanding LX450?

    Driving a full size, USDM only, truck in developing countries sounds like a PITA. I know people have driven everything under the sun in most every country, but that doesn't make it trouble-free. An acquaintance of mine got their Earthroamer (F-550) stuck in Costa Rica with big drivetrain...
  18. pawnthatdude

    SOLD Eezi Awn 1600 rooftop tent

    Bump and price reduction.
  19. pawnthatdude

    SOLD Parting 7 80s, lockers, 3FE, LXs, CE. lots of parts and always changing

    No problem, thanks for the response. I'm looking to splice it in so as much spare wire as possible would be great.
  20. pawnthatdude

    SOLD Parting 7 80s, lockers, 3FE, LXs, CE. lots of parts and always changing

    I'm looking for a lowbeam headlight connector. You willing to snip one off for me?
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