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  1. murf

    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    200 series oem all weather rubber floor mats. includes the 4 pc set and the cargo set. PT206-60160-02 4 PC SET $218.00 retail PT908-60087-02 CARGO $100.00 retail Fits 2016-2020. The owner used them for 3 days until the wife approved carpet mats came in. sell for $185
  2. murf

    CSC Random picture thread

    this 96 black lc with roll cage, centerlines, on 37s and supercharged...looks familiar from pics ive seen from back in the day. saddletramp, you recognise this one?
  3. murf

    October ROTM - Casner #8

    Hoping its back to normal for the next one!
  4. murf

    Arizona Cardinals Talk

    Trap game!
  5. murf

    Arizona Cardinals Talk

    Tomorrow against the Detroit Lions at home here. They have a strong offense but the worst defense. We should be able to outscore them. I expect some points being put up...
  6. murf

    Arizona Cardinals Talk

    I really like the new practice squad set up. More players, can include veterans, and can "protect" 4 players each week. I also see today they signed Jargon Brown to the practice squad. Remember him? Played with the cards previously for 4 yrs then left to play for Seattle and San Fran. Big ...
  7. murf

    Arizona Cardinals Talk

    Miss the tailgates with csc norm . hellofa chef!
  8. murf

    Arizona Cardinals Talk

    Wow the team looks really improved this year, much higher ceiling players and good depth. Lets see where this goes....
  9. murf

    SOLD Arizona: 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser Collector's Edition

    I can tell you this is one of my favorite Land cruisers out of the many that we worked on at the dealership. You'll be hard press to find a a better example of a clean and well-kept 80 series!
  10. murf

    TPMS Saved My Life (second time!!!)

    That system has paid you back a few times over! Enjoy your chili pepper pilgrimage !
  11. murf

    Interior Shop

    You can try Urbina's
  12. murf

    CSC Random picture thread

    1999 167K I got the wheels w/ new tires off of a 2010 Rav4 sport to update it a little
  13. murf

    CSC Random picture thread

    with the Vid around and not much to do, I have been hiking every weekend - I start in the dark with the dog and been going to the McDowell mountain reserve near Thompson peak. My favorite trail is the Gateway loop @ about 5 miles total and decent elevation change. with the Gym closed Ive become...
  14. murf

    CSC Random picture thread

    lol, its not a 4x4 , even if it was I dont think it get very far on trail runs ;)
  15. murf

    CSC Random picture thread

    To help the 80 last longer, I've parked it during the week and bought a gas efficient commuter. A 1999 Rav4 with a manual 5 spd which is fun to zip around in. of course I've made some modifications as I cant help myself...the body and interior are super clean for the age. Ive always liked the...
  16. murf

    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    mike, id like to see the latest version of your cruiser - did you get the body work done you were talking about? that is one sweet Cruiser!
  17. murf

    Is this Karma?

    Google is up to no good...?
  18. murf

    Desert Toyota.

    Yes, their top 2 techs for many years : Tom and Jeremy , both recently came over to work with me at Riverview. Both master techs.:candycane:
  19. murf

    New CSC Clubhouse??

    Sit in an old boat sunk in the dirt and drunk cold bottles of Bud? Ummm...Yeah!
  20. murf

    Mud-Like Forum for Jeep Grand Cherokee He put the gladiator grill on it too that looks cool
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