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  1. navydivedoc

    For Sale 1991 FJ80 3FE ECU

    No, sorry sold it shortly after the ad went up.
  2. navydivedoc

    SOLD  Box of loose F motor valves, springs, etc.

    These are remnants from the machine shop work on my 1972 F155. Head ended up with 3 cracks and I dropped in a complete 2F. I have no idea on condition, etc but hate to see them go to waste. If you can use them I'll send them your way for the cost of shipping, will fit in a medium USPS flat rate.
  3. navydivedoc

    Wanted Early 2F Oil Pan

    I have one from a 1972 F motor. Gasket is the same, not sure if identical to 2F though.
  4. navydivedoc

    SOLD  1985 2F carb from FJ60

    I picked up a 2F for my 1961 FJ40 and this was the OEM carb from that motor. Motor runs well, but I moved my F carb and manifolds over to the 2F. $200 plus shipping.
  5. navydivedoc

    SOLD Rebuilt 72 F motor OEM starter

    Yep. I referenced your post, knew you had used the early 40 parts, even held the damn thing in my hands to see if it fit in a USPS box. Somehow my brain still didn't register that fact until I posted at my "minimum price to justify boxing this up" and it sold instantly. Then it finally occurred...
  6. navydivedoc

    For Sale  72 F motor Distributor

    I think this is the unloved Vacuum retard distributor. Cap and rotor are new. Pertronix conversion maybe? $30 plus shipping
  7. navydivedoc

    SOLD  1985 FJ60 2F oil cooler hard lines

    Oil cooler hard lines from 85 2F. Seem to be in decent shape. $30 plus shipping
  8. navydivedoc

    For Sale  F Motor pushrods and rocker assembly

    I have the pushrods and rocker assembly from my 1972 60032 F head. Head is cracked. I have a 60031 head as well, but weight makes shipping cost prohibitive. No idea if these really have any value, but if they are of use, make me an offer. I hate to toss them
  9. navydivedoc

    SOLD  1985 2F fuel pump

    Pulled what appears to be a newer kyosan fuel pump from the 2F I put in my 61 FJ40. $20 plus shipping
  10. navydivedoc

    SOLD  72 F motor OEM steel fan

    OEM fan, fresh paint, arizona donor truck so no rust. $15 plus shipping
  11. navydivedoc

    SOLD  New SOR stainless oil filter lines and filter mount, 72 F Motor

    Recently sourced SOR stainless lines for F motor driver side, manifold mounted oil filter. And the filter housing if you want it. I'll get the filter off. $35 plus shipping
  12. navydivedoc

    SOLD  1985 FJ60 2F smog pump

    Smog pump and mount/tensioner from my recently acquired 2F. Leaking valve cover gave it a solid coating of protective oil. Spins, that's really all I know. $80 shipped conus.
  13. navydivedoc

    SOLD  Rebuilt 72 F motor OEM starter

    I pulled this off the F motor from my 61. Motor is a 72. @JackA had it rebuilt with preservation of the original patina on the rattle can rebuild. Works well. I abandoned the F and dropped a 2F in, retained the gear reduction starter. $60 shipped conus.
  14. navydivedoc

    Wanted Early 2F oil filter housing without cooler

    Looks like the cooler has a new home. @GA Architect, @JeffJ60 has a tired cooler for your parts needs.
  15. navydivedoc

    Wanted WTB Good H41 4-Speed

    @matzell has one in Richmond VA
  16. navydivedoc

    Wanted Early 2F oil filter housing without cooler

    Nothing wrong with the current set-up. 2F is going into my 61 FJ40. I like the cleaner look of the no cooler set-up. Plus I already bought a new water pump for the 1972 F that's in the truck, that doesn't have the cooler provision. Abandoning the tired F after multiple replacement heads have...
  17. navydivedoc

    Wanted  Early 2F oil filter housing without cooler

    Found. I'm looking to replace my 2F filter mount with the oil cooler for one of the early ones without the cooler. Anyone have one available? Thanks
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