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    Knuckle weeping grease

    Hi Guys Did my wheel and knuckle bearings a fortnight ago and I've just noticed the passengers side is weeping grease. Drivers side looks good. Any idea what may be causing this? Thanks.
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    1fz-fe belt tensioner

    Is it okay to take the tensioner I have circled in the photo off to help get the belts off easier?
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    Tie Rod end retaining bolt

    Hi Guys i'm just wondering if there is a specific name for these bolts? And if anyone has the OEM factory part number for these?
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    Clutch and Rear main seal replacement

    Next week I'm putting my cruiser in to have the rear main seal and clutch replaced. Is there any other major seals/bearings I should get them to replace while they have the transmission off?
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    Undercarriage caked in oil

    Hi guys so the undercarriage of my 80 is covered in oil. I have fixed all the oil leaks that came with the car from the previous owner. Is it worth cleaning the oil off everything or just try clean any parts with rubber etc? if so what is the best method for this type of cleaning? Does a steam...
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    Best oil for fzj80 97 in Australia

    What is the best oil you would recommend for my 1997 1FZ fe for conditions in australia?
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    Long Road Trip Preparation

    I have a 1997 FZJ80 and I am going on a road trip soon which will be about 2,000 Miles or so. What are the major maintenance jobs I should do before we go away? Besides the obvious Oil change etc Last major thing I did was rear wheel hub bearings. Thanks :)
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    FZJ80 Power Steering Fluid

    Is there a specific Power Steering Fluid you would recommend I use?
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    Power Steering Reservoir Hose ID

    Hi guys, Just looking for part id numbers for the two hoses that out of the bottom of the PS Reservoir Thanks so much.
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    Vacuum Hose ID

    Could I please get a part number for these two hoses please Photo below
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    Tongue Weight Capacity

    What is the tongue Weight capacity of a 1997 LandCruiser? Looking to put a dirt bike carrier on the back
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    LEAK! Unsure of what this is or how to fix! Please help

    Not the most mechanically minded but I have a leak in what looks like a coolant line but I am unsure. Is it an easy fix? If so can anyone link me to the part I will need. Thank you,
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