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  1. athensrep

    2H breathing hard

    1988 HJ75 (2H with 175k miles) - I rarely drive it anymore since I need to fix a leaky power steering box. The last time it’s had significant road-time was in late September. I have always made it a point to start it every two week and let it idle a good while. So, now that I took it out to run...
  2. athensrep

    For Sale  1999 LX470 Rust Free - Atlanta - SOLD

    Rust Free 260k SOLD I bought this a couple of months ago for my wife so she could get out of her beat Tacoma. She likes it, but the sunroof isn’t working and she likes the gas mileage on her Tacoma. Yeah...I know. It’ll be a great start for someone as it’s a GA/FL truck that’s rust free. It...
  3. athensrep

    For Sale  Atlanta: NEW 2019 HiLux Steel Wheels and Tires 265/65R17

    Brand new take-offs from Middle East spec HiLux trucks. These six-lugs come in sets of five (5) tires. Tires have as many miles as it took to get it on and off the boat. Dunlop Grandtrek ATs. They even have the TPMS. Awesome OEM wheels and tires and you can’t buy them this cheap at Sams Club...
  4. athensrep

    For Sale  Atlanta: New HZJ79 Alloy wheels 5 Lug 100 series - $400

    Up for sale are new take-off Land Cruiser Ute/Troopcarrier 70 (76/77/78/79) Series alloy wheels x 4. 5 stud 16x7 No center caps. Wheels are brand new but have some small scratches. 5 lug so they’ll fit on your 100 or 200 series. $600
  5. athensrep

    For Sale  Atlanta: new 70 series wide body kit

    Here's almost everything you need to convert a narrow into a wide. A few modifications to your inner fenders and radiator support, and you'll be off the races. These parts are new take-offs from a white 2018 HZJ79 and they're in great shape. The clip kit contains: • Snorkel upper and lower...
  6. athensrep

    Parting Out  Atlanta: New take-off Wide Body 70 series front end

    Here's almost everything you need to convert a narrow into a wide. A few modifications to your inner fenders and radiator support, and you'll be off the races. These parts are new take-offs from a white 2018 HZJ79 and they're in great shape. The clip kit contains: • Snorkel upper and lower...
  7. athensrep

    For Sale  Atlanta: NEW 70 series split rims and tires

    Brand new X5 OEM split wheels (5X150) and skinny Dunlop SP Qualifiers (made in Japan) - These are 5 lug for your 100 series, Tundra, Sequoia, LX470, LX570, etc. Came off a new 79 series and they immediate came off the truck. Balanced and ready to roll for winter. NOTE: they’re 5 lug! R75 R16...
  8. athensrep

    Side moulding delete

    Has anyone taken off the exterior trim permanently? I know there are holes where the trim fits in, but does anyone has pictures showing the hole locations? Only finding pics of some trim take off.
  9. athensrep

    HJ75 - alternator not charging

    I’m getting 12.19 at idle and 3k RPM. Would the “charge light relay” have anything to do with the alternator not charging? It’s been intermittent for a year now, and finally for two weeks I don’t get the “click” under the glove box.
  10. athensrep

    HJ75 Windsheild/screen part numbers

    Sorry guys, but I can’t seem to get a definitive answer by searching. I have an ‘88 75 with a massive crack and it’ll need some common rust fixes as well. So, can someone help with the PNs for the front windshield and rubber gasket? I called my local dealership and they’ll order it but no...
  11. athensrep

    Found at Caffeine & Octane Atlanta

    I don’t think I’ve heard a diesel this quiet - unreal. It’s a 2017 from Dubai. The guy who brought it here is from Honduras and was really nice to speak with. He said he just renews the paperwork each year and if there’s ever an issue in the future (hmmm), he’ll ship it down to Honduras. Said...
  12. athensrep

    3.4 Oil Light Flickering in gear at idle

    Help me out guys. My wife’s 2002 Tacoma with a 3.4 has the oil light barely flickering after about 30 minutes of highway driving. This just started after its first oil change by me (or at least noticed by me as I just started commuting with it) - a JDM engine was put in about a year ago. 5w-30...
  13. athensrep

    Opinion on a daily driver

    I have a couple of trucks that I could daily and will be putting one up on the auction block since I don’t need both. I figured I’d get an opinion here as round trip is about 50 miles to and from work. 1. 1990 Hilux with a 3L - runs fine and drives good as it could I suppose. Unique factor...
  14. athensrep

    For Sale  $5000 - 2000 white UZJ100 - High Mile Club - Atlanta

    Due to the fact I have a 70, Tacoma and Hilux and need something better on gas for my commute, this needs to go. I hate to get rid of it as it’s been rock solid for the year I’ve had it. It has 320k on the clock but needs nothing and runs, drives and shifts great. I have a stack of records from...
  15. athensrep

    I’d just like to say...

    ...that I feel like I’m just now being let in on the secret that is the 100 series. Having owned mini trucks, a Hilux, 40s, 60s, a 70 series and two 80s, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the 100. I just bought this well maintained 2000 a few weeks ago with 318k on it. Got it for, what I...
  16. athensrep

    SOLD  ‘94 Triple Locked in Atlanta

    SOLD I hate getting rid of this, but I need to fund my wife’s truck. It runs, drives and does what it should with no issues. It is locked and they work flawlessly. It’s always been a southern truck and it has no rust whatsoever. It’s not prefect by any means, but it’s a great start and it’ll...
  17. athensrep

    Horrific metallic scraping noise while running

    ***SOLVED****(bendix was hitting flywheel) Story: 1994 ‘80 • recent engine swap due to cracked piston. Lower mileage engine swapped in with original trans. • starts fine, good oil pressure but making god-awful metallic scraping, grinding noise that’s so loud it’s been hard to pinpoint...
  18. athensrep

    For Sale  1971 BMW 2002 Roundie - Atlanta

    Figured I'd throw it up here. Lot of spammers and interest out of state, but no real people showing up yet. This would be a good winter project for someone wanting a decent '02 at a fair price. Bought it from my neighbor who had it since the mid-eighties. 1971 BMW 2002 - roundie
  19. athensrep

    For Sale  12V Engel Fridge/freezer SOLD

    Has some cracks in the plastic and dings but cools like it should. It's around 20 years old and holds a 12 pack. I've never tried the freezer function. Comes with Aussie AC cord, DC cord and a small inverter for US AC. Been stored inside. Really don't want to ship it as it's heavy. $175
  20. athensrep

    For Sale  HJ75 HZJ75 rear jump seats - $300

    I have two rear jumps seats from my HJ75 drivers side (US LHD) in decent shape. Both work fine and just need a cleaning. There is some tape on on corner. You can have the belts too. I don't need it as mine is now outfitted for camping. I'm in Atlanta.
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