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  1. RockDoc

    2F Rod bolt broke @Yspen used modded ARP bolts, pic in this post. *edit* - Looks like SpikeStrip's link already has the same pics in it.
  2. RockDoc

    3fe starter rebuild

    From the 60 series section in case you haven't seen:
  3. RockDoc

    Rubber boot thing?

    They are wonderful things that help waterproof the engine. If for some reason you don't want it, offer it up for someone who does. (I've had my 62 shutdown twice from ingesting water into the air cleaner, but have never had ignition issues with the boot installed)
  4. RockDoc

    Classifieds not showing summary anymore?

    I see the "parts" section is summarized now. :)
  5. RockDoc

    Lift Kit Questions RE: Military Wrap

    I had the eye snap on the main leaf of an OME Dakkar spring back in 2008. Spring had 10 months on it and hadn't been flogged. I'd certainly want a military wrap on the fixed end, and am surprised to hear they've dropped it...
  6. RockDoc

    62s MAF rebuild or replace

    I'd open it up and try to repair the connections. Failing that, I'd put up a wanted ad in classifieds here.
  7. RockDoc

    62s MAF rebuild or replace

    Pulled the screws rather than the spring clip and buggered the soldered connections?
  8. RockDoc

    ‘85 2F engine, Lost oil Pressure.... Troubleshooting Suggestions?

    What oil filter are you using? There are threads in the 80 series section detailing how Wix/NAPA filters (the 1515 specifically? ) have killed several 1FZ engines in the last year or two. IIRC, the anti-drainback valve fails closed and starves the flow.
  9. RockDoc

    Front shackle not vertical?

    Looks like your DS spring is on backwards (military wrap should to fixed end). Does the spring position look good at the fixed end? Or are they pulled towards center in balance with spraying out at the front? I'd loosen everything off, flip the DS spring, and try to align everything before...
  10. RockDoc

    The slow progress of Spot the Pig

    Rusted to poop tailgate offered up a good motor and a good gear. :) After cleaning out the stiff old grease and adding a bit of fresh, they're bolted to the good regulator assembly and test good with jumper leads :bounce: Will try to get the dried greasy-dusty grime off of the swing arms and get...
  11. RockDoc

    The slow progress of Spot the Pig

    Motor is a crusty mess inside. Guess I'm liberating the regulator from inside the rotted loose tailgate to see if anything inside it is salvageable. Tailgate open :). (for the first time in 30+ years??)
  12. RockDoc

    Ural 375D repower

    FWIW I was out with the 7.3 auto today. Cruising at 65mph it turns 1800-1850 rpm. OD with the 4R100 appears to be 0.71:1 from a quick search.
  13. RockDoc

    Ural 375D repower

    I had (still have, but rolled) a 2003 7.3 PS with the ZF6 manual. 0.72 6th gear overdrive, diffs seemed to be geared for trailering. Pulled a cruiser on a gooseneck effortlessly at highway speed (say 2200-2400 rpm), drop to 5th (1:1) for anything steep. I think red line is in the 3300 rpm range...
  14. RockDoc

    The slow progress of Spot the Pig

    I read about that being a pain while looking to find how the hell the regulator and window are separated. Using C-clamps to hold the arms in place against spring tension was suggested, so that's what I'm trying.
  15. RockDoc

    The slow progress of Spot the Pig

    Finally working at the tailgate, to get it functional so I'm not limited to the rear doors for access to the cargo area. Would be nice to be able to use the cargo area if I go on a commuter run in a couple weeks ;) The window regulator is a bit of a pain to get out when the motor / gears are...
  16. RockDoc

    SOLD FJ62 Rebuilt Denso Alternator

    Doesn't look anything like the (4) FJ62 alternators I have. Better double check application.
  17. RockDoc

    The slow progress of Spot the Pig

  18. RockDoc

    The slow progress of Spot the Pig

    Winch in, and spooled under tension. Also acid-flushed the rad and changed out fan clutch and alternator over the weekend.
  19. RockDoc

    RTH: A440F Parking Pawl Spring oreintation

    Matches what I have sitting around...
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