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  1. Rusto

    Defrost on a 1977 FJ40?

    This is a good thread for me to follow, as I'm adding OEM heat to a LatAm spec 40 this winter. Great diagram as well. Pardon the slight highjack. I notice on the diagram is shows two cables, what looks to be a warm pull and a fresh pull cable, or is a fan pull and a warm pull? Anyway...
  2. Rusto

    For Sale 1972 FJ40

    Sounds like bad fuel. Wish I had $16k laying around. I would wager that this is a very easy fix. Have you tried changing the fuel filter or running some gas treatment through it?
  3. Rusto

    For Sale (WI) Lot of FJ60 parts from part out - body interior and mechanical

    Do you have the front, square speaker covers that go on the doors? If so, how much shipped to 81301?
  4. Rusto

    Retrofitting OEM heat into BJ40 - questions

    I renamed the thread on this, as now that I've overcome the 24 volt blower motor issue, by just getting the right part, I'm curious as to opinions on where I should locate the pull knobs. I only have two holes for the Fan Pull, Fresh Pull and Warm Pull knobs as the fuel cutoff pull knob is...
  5. Rusto

    Retrofitting OEM heat into BJ40 - questions

    Well... it looks like @ToyotaMatt came to the rescue for me. He had a 24 volt blower motor that I took off his hands and it's on the way. Since mine has the ultimate "heater delete" (no hole at all in the firewall ala LatAm/Columbia Spec) another MUD vendor @kevos37 is sending me a cutout...
  6. Rusto

    The Wall of Shame

    Here's a good one - drain plug for the transmission.. Spent more money on orange RTV than the crush washer cost.
  7. Rusto

    Parting Out Redding CA - 74 FJ40 misc parts

    pm sent about heater stuff
  8. Rusto

    Retrofitting OEM heat into BJ40 - questions

    Has any of you fine ladies and gentlemen (trying a different tact here) used a potentiometer to reduce the voltage from 24 to 12 prior to the heater compenents to accomplish this?
  9. Rusto

    Retrofitting OEM heat into BJ40 - questions

    Good morning fellow diesel degenerates :flipoff2: I'm starting the process of putting together the heater components to add heat to my Costa Rican 75 BJ40. My assumption was that many parts from a US Spec FJ40 would swap into my BJ... Save for any electrical or diesel-specific parts. My...
  10. Rusto

    Wanted  '75 BJ40 - Heater needed

    Hey all, I know some of you have upgraded to Vintage Air or some other after market setup.. Do you have a all those OEM heater parts and you just don't know what to do with them? Well, I'm here for you. I have a '75 BJ40 that was originally from Costa Rica so it came with no heater at all...
  11. Rusto

    :BUILDS: Blinded by the diesel, revved up like a duece - 1975 BJ40

    @greenbeast - I've always wanted a diesel Toyota. I'd looked to swap one into my 84 pickup, then my 60.. So when I began my hunt for a 40, I figured now was the time. Regarding how it runs in the hills... it is damn slow which I expected. I still need to tune it up and baseline it a bit...
  12. Rusto

    Bandeirante OJ50LV Import

    Seems to be some room between 20 and 45 where you could do just fine
  13. Rusto

    :BUILDS: Blinded by the diesel, revved up like a duece - 1975 BJ40

    speaking of parking brakes - the cable is connected, but when I pull out the lever, it's like it's not connected. Any guesses as to what's wrong? At least it's pretty clean.
  14. Rusto

    :BUILDS: Blinded by the diesel, revved up like a duece - 1975 BJ40

    Quick update - all the lights are still working. So happy that wasn't a big electrical issue. I have just begun to tackle the parking brake don't really have much to offer except some good PO bashing and well-worn words of wisdom. I went to empty the transfer case as the first step in...
  15. Rusto

    Bandeirante OJ50LV Import

    There's a nice Bandeirante on Bring a Trailer right now - 1995 Toyota Bandeirante BJ55 - it's a BJ55. Being a '95 and having a Toyota motor probably helps the value, but it's somewhat of a comp.
  16. Rusto

    For Sale Northern AZ/1970/LC FJ40 -no affiliation-

    95% sure I drove this truck when it was for sale in SWCO a year ago. Ran well, pretty clean. Doesn't look like current owner has done anything to it. Pretty sure he paid less than $12k for it.
  17. Rusto

    Things your PO did that AIN’T so bad.......

    Things the PO did that aren't so bad... Sold me his 40. That's really about it.
  18. Rusto

    This ain't right - 40 bench seat leg - angled, not straight... help me out here

    oh god no! Not my intention. I have a massive spreadsheet that shows what was available when and on what model... but that's just for US Spec 40s. I use a lot of different places to find out stuff about ROW, which is much more hard to come by. Good call out, though :)
  19. Rusto

    This ain't right - 40 bench seat leg - angled, not straight... help me out here

    One thing that makes me pretty sure that bench seat was stock (definitely not done this way) is that when you look for BJ40 seats online, they list FJ40 '69 - '72 and BJ40 as the same seat, when BJ40s didn't show up until '74. Like here FJ40 BJ40 Front Black RH & LH Passenger & Driver Bench...
  20. Rusto

    This ain't right - 40 bench seat leg - angled, not straight... help me out here

    I do like the bench seats and would prefer to keep it. I would like to see that pic though @Living in the Past - Not the highest of priorities for me, but perhaps I should keep my eye out for something like this OR buckets. I'm going to be taking the seats out soon to work on the interior...
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