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  1. Dunbar

    O-ring kit, which one?

    I need to re-stock on O-rings and looking at Amazon I see several kits under $20 with various numbers of O-rings some SAE some metric and combos. For my diesel truck I get low sulfur tolerant ones from But I want a kit for automotive and general shop use. Other uses are pool...
  2. Dunbar

    Lift Shopping

    I am shopping and thought I would share this from a Garage Journal thread. Testing and Complete Failure of a 10k lb 2 post lift. I have an Excursion in addition to the 62 and 40 so capacity is an issue. If I didn't have such a heavy truck, 8k lb empty, I would not be quite as discerning. I...
  3. Dunbar

    MUDShip  Need empty 1 axle boat trailer from CT to WI MI OK or TX

    I need an empty boat trailer hauled from CT to the Midwest or Texas. It's light enough for a car to haul. I have relatives in Madison, Green Bay and the UP who can meet someone traveling west. I'll need it in TX at some point. I'll pay for a good bit of fuel but it would be cost prohibitive...
  4. Dunbar

    Motorbike from Denver to Alamagordo NM

    Thanks to Book Cliff Cruisers for getting the Rokon from Grand Junction to Denver. Now it needs transport to Alamagordo NM. Let me know if you can help. Thanks
  5. Dunbar

    Mudship request. Rokon motorbike to Cloudcroft NM

    Hi Book Cliff guys. My buddy Robert here in Houston bought a Rokon on ebay. It is in Grand Junction Colorado at the shop of the Book Cliff Cruiser clubhouse guy, Jon Harris. He picked it up from the seller and is storing it. The bike's destination is Cloudcroft NM. If I could even get it...
  6. Dunbar

    Extra wire from alt to primary battery -with isolator

    I just upgraded to a Mean Green Alternator on my FJ62 and have had Urban Land Cruisers dual battery wiring kit and 2 group 65 Sears Die Hard Platinum batteries. The MG alt I think puts out 130 Amp. My dual batt kit came with a Sure Power 95 Amp isolator. I think it has failed so I have...
  7. Dunbar

    Wedco Water Cans

    Right. I have 8 red pre-ban 20 liter cans and 4 spouts. Wanted to get 8 diesel 20 liter and a few 5 or 2.5 liter cans in both diesel and gasoline. The water cans are still available;) the site says the food safe liner will be destroyed by hydrocarbons. But, in an emergency, will the can be...
  8. Dunbar

    AC Compressor Dying - replace with new or used?

    I think my AC compressor is dying. I put new O rings in it not long ago to fix a leak and it worked fine for a while. Then the belt broke and I replaced it with an old one from when I replaced them all. It was Friday and no time to order new ones. Belt started sqawking intermittently and now...
  9. Dunbar

    AC line through firewall nightmare

    I got a leak in the AC line that goes through the firewall. Its the one on top. The second pic shows the new line. Has anyone taken the AC evaporator housing apart? I have the fan out and have separated the lower housing for it and the evaporator from the upper parts but nothing wants to...
  10. Dunbar

    3FE Turbo effect defeated!

    See this post on the 3FE list: I will test more tomorrow but it appears that it is gone and the truck pulls strong throughout the rpm range instead of increasing at ~2300rpm. I will post a full report here as well after more test...
  11. Dunbar

    FJ62 Snorkel install writeup?

    I have the ARB snorkel waiting to go on my FJ62. Does anyone have a link to a good writeup with pics? A search turned up mostly FJ60 installs. Thanks, Dunbar
  12. Dunbar

    Need Canadian Part Numbers

    Hey guys does anyone have the part numbers for the bolts that hold the H55F to the 3FE engine? They are longer than the ones on the A440F and I think I got Canadian part numbers and had my local dealer order them. I was held up for a week when doing my H55F swap by these dandies and can not...
  13. Dunbar

    I just saw brand new diesel cruisers in Houston

    Check my post in 'chat' no one there has commented yet. I called dieseldog on the phone right after seeing them to see if they were being delivered to his house:D Dunbar
  14. Dunbar

    1983 FJ40 import numbers

    Anyone got a link to a list of import numbers for Land Cruiser by year? Specifically, I am trying to find the difference for 1980 through 1983. What, if any, premium would you pay to get a 83 over a 82, 81 FJ40 in the same condition? Did lots of searching in the FAQ and general searches...
  15. Dunbar

    Paging BigSur

    BigSur, please check your PM and the thread in classified for the 40 parts for sale. I need the 2F engine. Dunbar
  16. Dunbar

    Need key for FJ40

    My buddy just bought a 1980 FJ40 from a police impound yard and it does not have a key. I know on the FJ62 the code is on the passenger side door lock barrel or something. Does the 40 have a similarly hidden key code? Is there a way to order a key with just the VIN? The VIN is FJ40318880 if...
  17. Dunbar

    Dyno in Houston?

    I want to calibrate my speedometer for the 33" tires and H55F in my FJ62. Someone told me to get it on a dyno and they can track speed etc more accurately than mile markers or GPS. I do not have a GPS. He said in Austin there is a speedometer shop with a dyno and $35 gets you on it. Anyone...
  18. Dunbar

    Hog Rings

    Time to install my new SOR seat bottom foams. When replacing the seat bottom covers will I need to have new hog rings or can I re-use the old ones? It might be easier to cut the old ones off and install new ones but I have no experience there. I hear hog rings are available at feed stores...
  19. Dunbar

    Got SOR seat foam and tuff ducks - need DS seat cover

    All I need is a driver side seat bottom cover to replace mine with the hole and I can install the new SOR foam seat bottoms. I hear that the passenger side OEM seat cover will work on the drivers side. Anyone try that? Anyone got one for a grey interior before I shop our used cruiser...
  20. Dunbar

    Need real time clutch help in Pueblo on cross country trek

    Sorry for the Xpost with the 40's forum but the driver owns a FJ62 and is a great friend on the 3FE list. Need help for a 3FE lister with clutch problems in a 78’ FJ40 on cross country trip from Austin TX to Kona HI. He is in Pueblo CO right now. When he was crossing Raton Pass the truck...
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