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  1. TurboDennis

    Fair asking price - 1995 HDJ80 LHD

    Not sure if this is the right section for this, so mods can move it if its not. Wanted to know what a fair asking price range would be. -210k Km (130k miles) -1HD-FT engine, factory EGR-less, auto tranny -triple locked -fully armored (front, sliders, dual swingout rear, skid plates), warn 12k...
  2. TurboDennis

    Question for A/C experts - aluminum hard line repair. Becoming pretty desperate.

    So found myself in a pretty desperate situation. TLDR: Can i join an aluminum AC line with an inverted double flare union? I have installed the console fridge into my truck and replaced the associated A/C lines with the correct ones that i sourced from middle east. System didnt hold vacuum...
  3. TurboDennis

    Need some help with headlight conversion. Hasn't been asked before, I promise!

    So i found myself in a unique situation. Im finishing up with complete wiring swap on my truck (including dash and front harnesses) to European spec harnesses (long story). The problem i have is that the euro harness has H4/9003 style plugs on the harness, and is fully set up for using those...
  4. TurboDennis

    For Sale  N.O.S. OEM 80-series 1990-1994 A/C condenser

    Found this while cleaning up the garage. New, never used original A/C condenser for 80 series trucks that originally came with R-12 refrigerant. Part # 88460-60060 The box is in bad shape, but the part inside is great. A few bent fins. MSRP on this is $405. Selling for $190 SHIPPED. If...
  5. TurboDennis

    Parting Out  1997 LX450

    Got a new LX450 for parting out. I have lots of parts left over from previous part outs as well (all LX450's), so if you need something that is not available (or no good) from this truck - let me know (except the parts listed bellow). This truck is very rusty. Interior is mostly rough (but i do...
  6. TurboDennis

    SOLD  LX450 mint dash pad. $350 shipped

    Dash pad from an extremely rusty Canadian LX450. One of the very few benefits of living in a frigid climate is dash pads that never crack. $350 shipped to continental US.
  7. TurboDennis

    For Sale  Lx450 BRAND NEW D.S. front marker lights

    I came across a few left side clearance lights for the LX450. These are brand new, in original packaging. I believe they are discontinued by Toyota, so this is probably your last chance to buy one. $90 each, SHIPPED.
  8. TurboDennis

    For Sale  BNIB OEM Toyota wheel bearings - front/rear.

    Found a few wheel bearings i no longer need. These will fit A LOT of Toyota trucks with solid axles - both front and rear. Part numbers: 90368-49084 (inner bearing) 90080-36067 (outer) Dealer retail on these is $74/$55 per bearing. Selling a set of 8 bearings (4 of each) - to service both...
  9. TurboDennis

    Wanted  some HDJ80 parts from Australia

    Perhaps someone in Australia can help me locate these: -Looking for either a tachometer or the whole gauge cluster from a truck equipped with 1HD-FT AND Manual Transmssion in Australia. CAN NOT BE FROM AUTO truck, and must be from an Australian rig only -Set of lines between the main and the...
  10. TurboDennis

    SOLD  FZJ80 EGR Valve replacement "kit". All brand new OEM parts

    EVERYTHING SOLD Found these while cleaning up the garage. Basically complete kit to replace everything related to EGR valve. All brand new, Toyota parts. 25620-66011 - EGR Valve 25870-66011 - EGR vacuum modulator 90910-12079 - EGR VSV 25601-66010 - EGR metal pipe Dealer MSRP on these is...
  11. TurboDennis

    How to spend the whole day chasing a fuel delivery issue.

    So i have a truck (1997) that sat without an engine for a year and i finally found the time to put an engine in it (a good running engine that i tested myself). With everything hooked up, it cranks but doesnt start at all. So i proceed to troubleshoot. I know that the compression is excellent...
  12. TurboDennis

    SOLD  1HD-T, LHD, MTM wiring harness

    Main engine wiring harness for 1HD-T, Manual Transmission, LEFT hand drive. Very rare part, has been discontinued for a long time. Makes 1HD-T swap much simpler. Includes a working glow plug relay. I sourced this for my 1HD-FT swap, but it turned out to be too much work to convert the harness...
  13. TurboDennis

    SOLD  HDJ81 power steering lines

    SOLD Off a low mileage JDM HDJ81 (RHD) Got them for my lhd diesel swap but it ended up being easier to adapt original lines fro. FZJ. Excellent condition - not a single sign of rust anywhere. $120 SHIPPED
  14. TurboDennis

    For Sale  JDM console fridges and ceiling compass consoles for 80 series. Price drop

    Aug 16th - big price drop. Cleaning up the shed and want these gone. Two JDM console fridges. One (on the left in pictures) is in better shape than the other. Both have some wear on the front plastic piece, but otherwise in decent shape for the age. Both come with A/C lines that connect to the...
  15. TurboDennis

    Need a part number for ANY Toyota 12mm coolant hose

    Could really use some help from the part number gods(@Onur ? :) ). I need to replace the coolant hoses for the rear heater lines. They are short 12mm (ID) hoses. The problem is that Toyota doesn't sell those rubber hoses separately (only as an assembly with metal lines), and the only non-OEM...
  16. TurboDennis

    For Sale  80-series Nitro axles, birfields. 4.88 Nitro R/P, knuckle kit. Slee S/S brake lines. Brand new

    EVERYTHING SOLD, except Nitro knuckle kit ($105 shipped) No longer needed. Purchased from Slee a few years ago, never installed, have been sitting since. There was some minor surface rust on the axles from moisture in the air. It wipes off easily with a rag and WD-40, but leaves a stain, as...
  17. TurboDennis

    SOLD  1HD/1HZ engine block to bellhousing support brackets -FOUND

    FOUND, no longer needed It's a long shot, but maybe someone has a pair kicking around. My engine was missing the brackets. I fabricated my own which will work for now, but looking for the original ones for a cleaner look.
  18. TurboDennis

    SOLD  1997 LX450

    Got another LX450 to part out. 440k KM. 1997 model. TRIPLE LOCKED. Interior is mostly great (it was driven by a 110lbs female). Everything on the truck seems to work great. Runs great, no unusual noises or CEL. Transfer case linkage is seized solid from not moving the shifter for the last 15...
  19. TurboDennis

    Builds  "The Cucumber" build. Ultimate 80-series. 1HD-FT, H152F, PTO and just about every other cool option

    A lot of you have been asking me to post some details on my build, so here i go. I also wanted to start this thread to keep track of all the things im doing to the truck and help motivate me to see the project through. And i will try to provide write ups of the unique mods for future reference...
  20. TurboDennis

    For Sale  1HD-FT engine

    SOLD JDM import engine, pulled out of a mint condition HDJ81 truck that was rear ended with 280k KM (173k miles). Truck ran great, and was very well looked after. This particular engine was hand picked among a few other engines that had less miles, but its' overall shape was much better...
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