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    For Sale  Toyota Mudflaps for no fender flare rigs

    I have a set of Toyota mudflaps off my JDM FJ80 They work on FJs without fender flares. Not broken or bent, all mounting points intact. $40 plus shipping
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    Wanted  Need stainless molding at base of window on R hand side JDM only

    I need a window molding that goes at the base of the window. It’s a JDM FJ and the molding is stainless. I believe that they are different than the US versions. It’s for the R hand door (my driver’s). If it doesn’t come with clips, I need those too. Mine look broken.
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    My Build Thread, JDM ‘93 1FE, 5 speed

    Here she is. Just got delivered Sunday. She has no power anything, no sunroof. Still waiting on insurance to get sorted so I’m not driving it yet. I discovered it has a factory sub tank with the gauge and an Altimeter in the overhead console. Today, I got to work. I pulled the driver’s...
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    Wanted  RHD lower dash panel ‘93

    I need a good lower dash panel, the part that surrounds the radio and goes over the top of the column. Willing to buy new if someone has a lead on a JDM Toyota place I can order from.
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    Snorkel A Pillar brace

    My FJ is missing the brace. Must have been removed for paint as I can see the holes and rivets. I’m hoping sodas an extra one they can spare of suggestions where to pick one up. Rest of snorkel is solid so I really don’t want to have to buy the whole thing. Thanks
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    Wanted  Snorkel brace needed

    I just got a JDM FJ80. It has a snorkel on the driver’s side but the A pillar mount is gone. I need this bracket to keep the snorkel supported. Thanks
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    Suspension advice for JDM FJ80 modifications

    I will soon take delivery of my JDM FJ80. While I wait, I’m planning my modification. I want to do the 42 gal aux tank, Slee front bumper and probably the LRA rear bumper because i know it will work with the aux tank. My FJ does have a tow package and I’m hoping that doesn’t screw up my...
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    I’ve owned a ton of cars and trucks, way too many to list, but I have owned a first series 4Runner, an FJ Cruiser, a 4x4 Tundra and currently own a TRD Pro 4Runner and a 4x4 Sequoia. I always wanted an FJ80 since I sat in one at the Miami Auto Show back in 1991. Always try to have at least one...
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