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    AHC and Wash Board Roads.

    I was wondering how well the AHC suspension, mainly shocks will hold up on corrugations "wash boards". Doing a Mojave Trail run in October and heard that it's one long wash board road. I plan on airing down to about 22psi but I don't want to be a drag on the group by pampering my rig along @ 5...
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    New Radiator not sucking coolant from expansion tank

    After having my radiator replaced, the coolant level in the radiator drops. When I top it off it dumps the coolant into the expansion tank but does not return to the radiator after the engine cools down. My expansion tank is now over full. I've also noticed a small leak under the overflow T...
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    Mojave Road trip October

    My first "Overland" trip in my LX470. Friend of mine has been bugging me to do their annual Mojave Road run for a couple of years now and I've always wanted to take my FJ60 but the 9hr+ trip, 60 MPH @ 3300 RPM with no working A/C just to get there seemed like torture. Now that I have a more...
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    Spark Plugs

    Going to replace the plugs tomorrow with NGK's. Don't know what's in it now, runs perfect. Just "Baselining". Any VODO science I need to know about? The site search has me scared to death about plugs backing out. I've done a lot of plug changes in my time, what makes these where I have to...
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    Spent over $2,400 on my LX in 3 weeks!

    I purchased this two owner LX470 W/195,000 miles last month for $11,000 and in the last three weeks, have done the following. Timing Belt and Water Pump= $800. 4 New Cooper Discovery A/T 3 tires= $870. Fan pulley failed one week after timing belt-w/p job. New fan pulley, Radiator, Hoses, Heater...
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    LX 470 A Trac ?

    Looking @ the faq, says the 2000+ 100 series came with A Trac system standard. Was that only on the cruisers or did that include the LX? My 2001 doesn't appear to have it. Only center diff loc and low range:confused:
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    New timing belt and water pump

    Just had my mechanic finish the timing belt and water pump on my newly purchased 01 LX470 @194,000 miles. Good thing I did this because the water pump was toast. Also inspected the steering rack, cv boots, drive shafts, brakes and rotors while we were under there, and all looks good. I did lose...
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    60 owner looking to buy a 100 series.

    I love my 60 but it is coming of age and more of a hobby vehicle than a practical DD. I've been looking for a 4x4 platform that I can travel across country, hit the trails, overland etc. The 100 series checks all the boxes but they are far and few between even out here for a descent price. I've...
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    Smog Pump Replacement.

    My Smog Pump developed a loud squeal this morning and also smoked the belt. Now I'm down a vehicle and unable to locate another pump. Rock Auto and all the other vendors I've searched have discontinued this part.. I don't want to delete the pump because the rest of my emissions system is...
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    Wanted  Snake Blinders

    I'm looking for the bottom trim "snake blinder" left hand driver side. PM if you have one.
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    Some trim removal questions

    Getting my 60 ready for paint and was wondering how to get the exterior door handles off, actually the linkage to the handles and key lock? also the outer stainless steel window sweeps? I really don't want to damage them by prying on them. I already have the interior door panels out.
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    Non slotted steel wheels

    I'm looking for a set of the old school non slotted steel rims. I think they are the 16 inch wheels that came on the foreign market land cruisers. Does anyone have a lead on where to get them?
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    Stepping up? to an 80 Series

    I'm at a crossroads here. I currently own a clean stock 1985 FJ60, with 240k miles on it, which I've owned for the last seven years. and now have the funding to start building it into an overland rig. This truck has been trouble free and dependable and I just love the classic design of the 60...
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    Crossroads??? Sorry long post

    I've got too many projects and not enough, Well you know the story. 1985 FJ60, DD, 1972 Jeep Wagoner, Good bones, local DD, 1962 Cadillac Sedan, Amateur restoration, impulse buy. My conflict is between the Jeep and the 60. I was planning an expedition rig but trying to weigh the cost differences...
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    Oil filter leak

    After my last oil and filter change I noticed a large amount of oil leaking around the base of the filter. I removed the filter to make sure the old gasket wasn't stuck to the housing, which it wasn't, and re installed the filter, snugging it a little tighter. After starting the engine, the leak...
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    Early Toyota Hilux 4x4 wheels on a 60?

    Was wondering if the stock steel wheels from a 79-85 pickup will fit on my 60? The fj40 wheels are a little hard to find, and pricy. I didn't see anything in the search tool.
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    running bad after new cat

    :censor: Had my 85 FJ60 for about 2 months now trying to get it to pass California emissions test FAIL, GROSS POLLUTER. It ran great before the test but rich, and after replacing the CAT it developed a stumble when coasting or during light throttle application in all gears, but the exhaust...
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    Yet another Kalifornia smog adventure

    Sorry to beat a dead horse here. I've used the search tool and downloaded the emissions FMS, (very helpful) performed the test on the ABV and it appears to be working normal. I live in Lassen County, No. Cal. We only require smog check upon transfer of title, and no dyno test but I failed as a...
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    What transfer case ?

    What Transfer case does my 85 60 series have? It looks like a typical NP aluminum T/case
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    What is this blower motor for. Newbie

    Just purchased a 1985 L/C FJ60 thats been in the same family since new. After driving it home, I noticed what seemed like an electric fan running after shutting the engine off which was a blower motor, in the engine compartment, on the driver side fender well. This thing stays on for up to 20...
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