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  1. zapatius

    No headlights

    So I pulled grille, headlights, parking lights, corner lights, etc... when doing radiator, condenser, oil pump seal, crank seal, fan, fan clutch, trans cooler, starter, throttle body, intake manifold, egr resistor mod, fuel filter, PHH, PHH neighbor, heater valve, hoses under manifold, trans...
  2. zapatius

    Missing vacuum line

    In process of replacing all the lines on plenum. Took pictures of routing buy missed one and can't figure it out. It's the lonely little guy about 2" from the VSV. Looked at the diagram under the hood and couldn't figure it from there. Thanks.
  3. zapatius

    Wanted  80 Series Transmission Cooler

    Rock went through my trans cooler. Anybody have a good one (or great one) for sale? For a '94.Thanks!
  4. zapatius

    Valve cover bolt options?

    I am doing the valve cover gasket this weekend. Local dealership is out of bolts. I have dozens of M6-1.00 25mm in stainless and 10.9. Any issue with using either one since the torque value is so low?
  5. zapatius

    Pitman arm vs inner tie rod angle

    I read that the angle between the inner tie rod and the Pitman arm is clocked. Just wanted to make sure mine looks correct. I am about to replace the tie rods. Thanks.
  6. zapatius

    Maintenance now no start

    I know the rule is replace on thing at a time. But you know how it goes, you pull out one thing and there's always another "while you're in there". Anyway, I replaced my PHH. While I was at it, I put in a new Denso starter, a new Denso alternator, a new Denso fuel filter, new cap, rotor, plugs...
  7. zapatius

    DOT 4 Low Viscosity?

    VW bought my TDi Jetta back. I have several quarts of ATE SL.6 brake fluid left. It is DOT 4 but "low viscosity" per VW spec. Any issue in using it in my 80 series? I know DOT 4 is fine but curious about the low viscosity part. I also realize service intervals on DOT 4 are more frequent than DOT...
  8. zapatius

    SOLD  IN - Brand New Toyota Hood to Radiator Seal 53381-60010 80 Series

    I looked at the schematic wrong and thought this went across between the headlamp eyebrows. When I realized it went on the other side of the radiator, I found mine was perfectly fine. I'm not going to send it back. $45 from UAE is cheapest on Fleabay. Looking for $35 shipped to USA. Brand...
  9. zapatius

    State of PHH

    Finally got around to doing a lot of items over the past couple of weekends. One of them was the fuel filter (ugh!). Tomorrow I'm doing the PHH. I was curious if mine looked on the brink of failure. It looks like it has been leaking. Also, should I do the heater valve and hoses? I want to keep...
  10. zapatius

    Rear end vibration other than bearings/u-joints?

    Yesterday I suddenly noticed a rear end vibration in my 94. It felt like the kind of shudder you get under load with a misfire, which I had with a bad fuel injector and a blown spark plug on another vehicle. No CEL though on the LC Changed the plugs, none were catastrophic. All looked like...
  11. zapatius

    King Brown Exhaust?

    Is there any US source for the King Brown exhaust? A LC shop owner who goes to Australia several times per year? TIA.
  12. zapatius

    MUDShip  Anyone near New London, Iowa?

    There's a few small things in an online auction I'm looking to buy but the auction house doesn't ship. Wondered if anyone near New London, IA could pick up on the afternoon of Monday, Dec 16th and ship to me? I would pay all shipping and a fee for your time. Thanks.
  13. zapatius

    Magnaflow 23120 on 93/94?

    I see that several people have used the Magnaflow 23120 on their '95-'97 Cruisers. I need to replace a good portion of my exhaust on my '94. I am wondering if I can use the 23120 for mine. I am considering two options: 1. Run one cat and just install another O2 bung so both O2 sensors can...
  14. zapatius

    Wanted  60/62 quarters

    I am in need of both rear quarters cut on the body line for a 60/62 series. I am in Southern Indiana/Western Kentucky but would drive 10 hours to pick them up. I can cut them if you don't want to. Thanks!
  15. zapatius

    MUDShip  Dallas, TX to St Louis, MO Nashville, TN Louisville, KY?

    Citadel has a set of 5 285s in Dallas I would like to get. Shipping, of course, is insane. Anybody coming from Dallas to St Louis, Nashville, Louisville or Indianapolis? Or I could meet along I-70/I-64/I-40/I-65. Thanks!
  16. zapatius

    Clock relay Blue Sea aux panel issues

    I installed a Blue Sea aux panel in my 94. I am using it to power my digital temp gauge, stereo, GPS and three Blue Sea USB ports. I have the system running through a 50 amp Blue Sea circuit breaker and a Bosch relay turns it on and off. The panel is grounded to the body using the factory...
  17. zapatius

    For Sale  97 Locked 191K Indy

    Saw this on CL...I am not the seller. 191K, locked, doesn't look like it's rusty. Could use some interior refurb. $4400
  18. zapatius

    Stereo - R3B radio harness plug help

    CORRECTION - HARNESS IS R2B, NOT R3B. Can't edit title I am in the process of installing an aftermarket head unit in my '94. I purchased the Metra adapter to use the gray plugs. On the R2B plug I notice it has five wires. The wire in the # 5 position is white with a green stripe. On the...
  19. zapatius

    Wanted  80 gray carpet scraps

    Anybody have a few scrap pieces of gray 80 series carpet? Two 1' square sections should do it. PO cut two holes in floor to move seat back. I repaired but need some carpet pieces to patch. Would need it shipped to 47714. Could pay via PayPal. Thanks.
  20. zapatius

    For Sale  Toyota Scion Pioneer T1814 PT546-00100 MINT US/IN

    I am selling a MINT Scion Pioneer DEH-M9097ZT Toyota P/N is PT546-00100. It was manufactured in 2009 and was available in 2008-2012 TC, XB and XA Scions. This is a Scion radio, so the width is wider than the stock bezel on the 80 series. Trimming required. This utilizes the two gray plugs...
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