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  1. MountNGoat

    TLCA  Cancelled! - 32nd Annual Rubithon Wagon Run Official Thread, Date Change - August 19-23, 2020

    It doesn’t seem possible that we’re ready to start planning another Rubithon Wagon Run, but with Chairman Dick Thompson’s (@reddingcruiser ) post today that the 32nd Annual Rubithon registration is now open, that’s what we’re doing!! 2020 Rubithon Registration | The Annual TLCA 4D Event Wagon...
  2. MountNGoat

    TLCA  2019 Rubithon Wagon Run

    Wow, hard to believe another year has gone by, and it’s time to really start thinking about Rubithon 2019. I trust your 2018 was great and your plans for your trucks are coming together nicely. As always we are really looking forward to both the challenge of the trail and to spending time with...
  3. MountNGoat

    Electrical Guru's - need help before replacing ECM!

    My '97 LX450 has been having idling problems for awhile now. I'll skip all the things I've checked (vacuum hoses, EGR, exhaust, main air intake hose - all good). The truck started throwing codes relating to the throttle position sensor, P0120, P0510. I purchased a new TPS and installed it...
  4. MountNGoat

    Wanted  ARB Winch Bumper for '97 FZJ80

    Looking for a good used ARB winch bumper for the 80 series, shipped to 94568. Thanks, Steve
  5. MountNGoat

    Rough Idle Solved - And Now This...

    OK wizards of the LC world, hoping you can help me out. Short story - last May was returning to Cali from a North Rim Grand Canyon trip (pic for attention - taken at Kanab Point), heading north out of Vegas when all of a sudden my '97 started stuttering and losing power on the freeway while...
  6. MountNGoat

    2018 Rubithon Wagon Run

    Edit: As of March 5th the Wagon Run is full and not accepting any more signups, but do check out the other runs to see if one seems like a good fit for you. Happy New Year to everyone! I hope your 2017 was good and you're as excited as we are for this year's 30th Annual Rubithon and the Wagon...
  7. MountNGoat

    Wanted  '93-'97 80 series rear axle

    I'm looking for a 1993-97 80 series rear axle assembly, non locker. Thanks in advance.
  8. MountNGoat

    2017 Rubithon Wagon Run

    Howdy folks, I thought I'd start the official 2017 Rubithon Wagon Run thread to get all the Wagon Run-specific chatter off of the main Rubithon page so as to not interfere with all the important general info Chairman Eric needs to get out. Hopefully this is where we'll get to know each other a...
  9. MountNGoat

    Weight of a rock crawler

    In the course of searching for a 4" SUA lfit for my 60 I've evaluated the weight of my build and thought I'd share what I found out. Toyota 4x4 Land Cruisers says the curb weight of a stock 60 is 4246 lb. Mine weighed in at 5260, devoid of people and cargo, and missing 150 lb of diesel in...
  10. MountNGoat

    Dyno tuner in Sydney area?

    Hi All, I'm looking for recommendations for a good dyno tuner in the Sydney area. Any help is much appreciated! Cheers, Steve
  11. MountNGoat

    Cold Weather Clutch Issues - Has This Happened to You?

    It's never been a problem for me here in California, but while in Colorado for the holidays the cold weather (temps as low as -15 deg F overnight) caused my clutch to go out (H55 transmission). Air was getting into the system and rendering the hydraulics ineffective. If the temps got above...
  12. MountNGoat

    P0401 Code!!!

    First, thanks to all the excellent information on this thread! For my '97 LX450 I've done my best to follow all the advice (disassembling and cleaning the upper intake manifold, etc.) and am down to checking individual components. In the FSM, when checking the EGR valve one step is to put a T...
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