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  1. mingles

    Front Hitch Receiver on Slee ShortBus - Anyone Done It?

    As the title says... I am leaning towards the ShortBus bumper for the front of the LX for the simplicity and strength of the design, but I don't want a winch on there full time. One, it is a theft magnet and attracts unwanted attention to the truck, two - I use a winch more for utility than...
  2. mingles

    Picture Request - Backside of LX Cladding (LF Door)

    My LF door cladding is starting to pull away from the door at the top left corner. I want to reattach it without having to actually remove it and risk breaking clips. The original adhesive is long gone. My plan is to slide some thin VHB down between the panel and the body but without removing...
  3. mingles

    Best Lube for Power Lock Actuator and Mechanisms

    With the onset of cold weather, one of the power lock actuators on the rear doors stopped moving to full lock or unlock. I removed the assembly from the vehicle, cleaned all the old caked on grease sludge from the linkages with carb cleaner, and now want to relube with something that will stay...
  4. mingles

    Why E-Locker Should Be Locked Before Pulling Axle Shafts

    I have often read on MUD, and I believe it is recommended in the FSM, that to pull the axles on an E-locked truck the locker should be in the locked position. This is to make it possible to reinsert the axles without difficulty upon reassembly. It is one of those steps that just I did because...
  5. mingles

    Former MUDDER? - $30K LX w/MUD Cupholders

    1997 Lexus LX450 Fully Build 4x4 diff lock Wagon at an EXCEPTIONAL... @bhicks - how does it feel to have your product break through to the "high end" market :) And to keep it tech... what would the reason be for such thick wheel spacers? Just wider track, center cap clearance, what?
  6. mingles

    Hard Copy FSMs

    No affiliation, but if I were looking for a hard copy FSM this might be an inexpensive source. Factory Toyota Service Manuals 4RUNNER SUPRA LAND CRUISER TACOMA MR2
  7. mingles

    RTH - Broke Cone Washer Stud Below Surface

    I had one stud shear off below hub surface. Tried to drill hole for screw extractor but it went off center and I wanted to seek suggestions here before I FUBAR'd it completely. I have new studs but just need to get the remnant out without destroying the mating threads in the hub. Thoughts?
  8. mingles

    Check Your Lug Nuts – And Trust Your Gut Feelings…

    I had an unnerving experience last night, one that could have potentially cost me the rig or worse in a serious accident. For the last two days I had thought I felt a slight “flutter” in the truck on slight turns at speed. Running straight, smooth as silk, make a gentle turn, slight fluttering...
  9. mingles

    Air Bags Inside OME Coils

    I have run Firestone airbags inside my stock LX rear coils for the last 25K miles without a problem. I have now switched to OME 861/862 coils and the diameter of the spring steel is thicker than the stock coils. With the stock coils the deflated air bags floated freely inside the coils. When...
  10. mingles

    Cone Washer Frustrations...

    Such a simple sentence… (from the front hub section of FSM) d) Using a brass bar and hammer, tap on the 6 bolt heads and remove the 6 cone washers, plate washers, and nuts. Tap my A$$! 48 hours soaking in penetrant, tapping, vibrating, trying many of the tricks turned up in search, all were...
  11. mingles

    Is This Support Brace Critical?

    My truck is missing the support brace that runs from the upper intake plenum down to the lower DS side of the engine block. Came to me that way and has run at least 10K miles and a year without it. No idea how long it has been missing. Is this a critical support or not?
  12. mingles

    LX450 Seat Covers (non leather) That Save Middle Seat Fold Down Armrests

    Been searching through dozens of seat cover threads but haven't found the answer to the above question. I know it seems like an basic question, but most of the threads are geared to LCs and few folks ever talk about, or show photos, of how the middle seat covers work. I'm looking for something...
  13. mingles

    Two “What is This Part” Questions

    1997 LX 450 The first is a bracket I found lying underneath the truck after I had powerwashed the entire undercarriage. 13-15mm is stamped into the side. Is it part of the truck or some POs tool? The second is an antenna of some sort that was stuffed down under the jack holder in the...
  14. mingles

    Value of Checking Service History – Like a Late Christmas Present :^)

    I’ve owned my 1997 LX for 2 months. As I am the 5th owner, and it has 200K, I was naturally curious as to how it had been maintained throughout its life. Acting on that interest I visited my local Lexus Service Department, VIN and proof of ownership in hand, to see if they could pull my LX’s...
  15. mingles

    LED Brake/Tails Flash With Signal/Hazards - '97 LX450

    ’97 LX450 – I am new to 80’s but have had many Toyota trucks in the past. I lurked MUD for months and finally acquired my LX from another MUD member. Thanks to all for this great resource. I am attempting to convert brake/tail lights on truck to LED and am experiencing a problem I have not...
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