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  1. MATT0404

    Considering an FJ60 - Thoughts on this '82

    This 1982 FJ60 popped up locally and I made arrangements to check it out today. Overall, I'd consider it in very good shape, just thought I'd ask those of you here with much more experience for your thoughts. I'm a prior 100 series owner and have never looked at or owned a 60 series. Details...
  2. MATT0404

    For Sale  PA: 2006 Landcruiser, Southern Truck, 192k, OME, WKO and Trail Tailor Goodies **SOLD**

    I'm regretfully parting ways with my 2006 LC. I bought this rig late last summer as a secondary family/adventure vehicle. I've loved every minute of it but, having recently relocated my family, we're needing something smaller and more economical. This particular Landcruiser has spent the...
  3. MATT0404

    Battery Not Charging - New Battery, New Alternator, Problem Persists

    So I bought my 100 last year around this time. Service history showed recent alternator and battery replacement, which I thought was a good thing. I've put about 5k miles on it and have had a few experiences where the low battery voltage light comes on, then the VSC and ABS lights, then the...
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