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    Repair failed '08 AUX jack for $14 vs $140.

    I replaced the failed core of my AUX jack that would no longer detect the phono being inserted. I used the later model core replacement for the 86190-02010 as the 86190-00006 Is not available as a core and oem is 140 bucks. The repalcement core is shorter than the original and requires using a...
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    Frame Work

    Any suggestions for additional welded reinforcement while I have the body off. I've already welded the frame plate/mounts on for my sliders and boxed the steering box mount. Still have a little more to do with the from pan hard mount. I'm also adding addition weld bead to the existing shock...
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    Weight of completely stripped 80 body.

    Was wondering if any body knows what the weight of a completely gutted and stripped w no door 80 body is or knows if it can be pulled from the body by 4-6 people.
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    Rust recomendations

    I'm working on rebuilding my 80 and I have found more rust than I thought it had. Needs some thoughts and opinions on what I should do to remedy the problem. Drivers side inner fender at seat belt mount reinforcement Drivers side lower front inner fender
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    Brake rebuild question.

    I'm rebuilding my front calipers. I went to install the small oring that seals the 2 halves but found metal ones in the kit rather than rubber ones. Since they are larger than the pockets, do they go around those pockets? I thought about that possibly but I was thinking the halves wouldn't mate...
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    Rear Shock mount bolt.

    Does anyone know the thread size and pitch of the rear shock mount bolt. Mine sheared off after its seized in the tube. Also does anyone know the p# for a new one.
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    OEM Fipg vs other

    Was wondering if this would be as good or better vs FIPG or if I would be better just order a tube or two for reassembling my motor. Permatex® Ultra Synthetic Gasket Maker - Permatex
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    Broken Injector connectors

    Was wondering if anyone has the part number or preferably a link to the 1fz injector connectors. Several of the lock tabs broke when trying to remove them.
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    Front spindle badly worn

    Pulling my front knuckles down. I dont think PO's ever serviced it. The bearings had a good bit of end play. The stop step has a decent groove worn into it. I've already e-mail Cruiser Outfitters to see if he has any. Any other options short of 250 bucks each hubs.
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    Rear dif pinion seal leak.

    My FZJ80 locked rear pinion seal is leaking. I've rebuild 8" yota 3rds numorous times but never the 9.5. Are there any upgrade pinion seal available and is there a solid pinion spacer kit available from anyone. I checked several of the normal Yota sources but saw nothing for the 9.5.
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    Cylinder wall opinions

    I pulled the head on my 1fz that came in the '93 I bought a little over a month ago. I found the tensioner shoe broken loose so I'v epulled it to do the timing chain assy. I finally got the head off this evening a my heart sank when I looked at 5 and particularly 6 The wall in 6 as badly pitted...
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    Any Myrtle Beach Members?

    I'm new to the group and live in the MB area. I was wondering if there are any LCLC members in the area. I'm currently working on yanking the driver train to do a timing kit and some other maintenance items on my '93 FZJ80. If anyone is in the area is interested in lending a hand Thursday 6/16...
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    AW442 question

    I've worked on Aisin Warner trans a good bit as I've rebuilt them for my Samurai crawler I did a 2.0l turbo swap on. The 300 series has 3 solenoids with the 2 gear select and the lock up. I see the 442 has a 4th timing solenoid. I'm curious as to its function as I wrote a manual shift control...
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    New to me FZJ80 help and intro

    Greetings, I recently purchased a '93 FZJ80 with e-locks after hunting for a year and a half. I finally today had a chance to start going through it see what all is wrong. I was most concerned about the engine as it was clearly down a cylinder on the test drive. I comp tested it today and it...
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