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  1. Sonofaskipper

    Dobinson MRR (A)

    Anybody running these on their trucks yet? I’m running them on a light truck. No armor, Bowfin rack, awning. Curious what setting guys are running with a similar light set up.
  2. Sonofaskipper

    Wits’ End

    There’s something to be said for having the right tool for the job, and I’ve got to commend @NLXTACY for his engineering. Just installed new OEM bushings in my radius arms, and his press tools made it an absolute breeze. After reading several horror stories on the ‘net, I was worried my 12 ton...
  3. Sonofaskipper

    Wanted  HDJ81 Trailer Light Adapters

    Looking for a trailer light kit made to fit the HDJ81. Is there such a thing, or will I have to splice some sort of universal kit into the pigtail?
  4. Sonofaskipper

    1HDT BEB Photos

    Replaced the BEB in my truck awhile ago. The FIPG material lead me to believe they’d been untouched since new. Roughly 170,000 miles on the truck. What do you guys think?
  5. Sonofaskipper

    4Runner/Tacoma Paint Code

    Saw a new 4Runner fresh off the boat from Japan today in a shade of green I haven’t before seen. A dark olive green with no metal flake. Seems like a reboot of an old color possibly used on FJ4X series trucks. Anybody know the paint code? Me likey.
  6. Sonofaskipper


    So I’m in the midst of a knuckle rebuild, and I’m replacing my birfs with Longfields. I unwrapped the package today and discovered the units were packed with a red grease. I was under the impression that birfs were supposed to be packed with a moly based grease. This makes sense, as the...
  7. Sonofaskipper

    HDJ81 IP Question

    Hey all, I’m planning on removing the injectors and IP and sending them off to DFIS in Portland for a rebuild. Once the rebuild is complete, will I have to time the pump? If so, will I need the factory service tool? Thanks in advance! I’m out at sea, with limited internet access. Ryland
  8. Sonofaskipper

    HDJ81 Side View Mirrors

    anybody know off hand if the FJ or FJZ side view mirrors will work on and HDJ81? My mirrors are floppy, and I was thinking I’d maybe just replace them if the price was right. Thanks in advance. Oh, and I’d be inclined to research this on my own, but I’m on a transpacific tug boat with...
  9. Sonofaskipper

    Sporadic Inop Blinkers

    Anybody had sporadically inoperative blinkers on their HDJ? Mine stopped working just prior to going back to work last month. When I returned from home, they mysteriously worked again. Worked for a few days, and just last night stopped again. Going to try and trouble shoot in the next day or...
  10. Sonofaskipper

    Another BEB Question

    In which direction am I supposed to turn the crank shaft to position the pistons at BDC?
  11. Sonofaskipper

    Dobinson’s 2 Inch?

    anybody install the 2” lift from Dobi on their truck? Debating between this and the stock height springs. Wondering what reall world difference in height over stock/sagging springs people were seeing going with the 2” set up?
  12. Sonofaskipper

    Wanted  “TEQ” Badges?

    I’ve noticed a few of these on MUDders trucks of late. I’d like one for my tailgate. Any idea where to source these? I’ve seen them referred to as the “Hachi” badge as well.
  13. Sonofaskipper

    Wanted  HDJ81 Winch Lever

    Looking for the stock (Aisin) Winch lever extension. My truck did not come with this part. I’ve spoken to Beno, and he says it’s been discontinued. Putting it out there to the community. If one of you MUDders has got one laying around, I’d gladly take it of your hands, er shelf.
  14. Sonofaskipper

    Metallic “Clang!” Noise Shifting From Reverse To Drive

    i sometimes hear a clang type noise when shifting from drive to reverse, and vice versa. Any ideas as to where it might be coming from. No play in the shafts front or rear. It’s rather metallic sounding, not really a “clunk,” more of a ringing “clang.” No issues or aberrant sounds when...
  15. Sonofaskipper

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Let me just say that I’ve found a fountainhead of knowledge and experience in this forum. I’ve recently jumped into the JDM pool with a ‘91 HDJ. I’m currently on a tug boat, bobbing around in the middle of the Pacific. As such, I’ve had ample time to pore over the multitudes of threads...
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