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  1. motomodz

    1971 FJ55 FS Feeler -

    SOLD SOLD....thanks Montano. Take care of the piggie, hope to be able to buy it back someday. Email me with a few pics once you get her running and on the road. Enjoy! The piggie will be missed but I'm glad to see that it went to an enthusiast who can appreciate it! -Lee
  2. motomodz

    1971 FJ55 FS Feeler -

    pics I think I may need to re-size these photos but, I thought I'd try to get a couple posted up to give interested parties an idea of what I am offering here: Montano, I will email some other pics and my phone number tomorrow. -Lee
  3. motomodz

    1971 FJ55 FS Feeler -

    pics I should have pics up by tomorrow evening, please check back then. -Lee
  4. motomodz

    1971 FJ55 FS Feeler -

    1971 FJ55 FS Feeler - A FEW PICS ADDED.... Hello, Usual story, considering the sale of my 1971 FJ55 due to tight finances and lack of money to complete. This may be one of the most rust-free FJ55's out there period. Considering that it now resides on the East Coast and has approx 88k...
  5. motomodz

    free pig this weekend williamsville ny

    interested, PM sent PM sent. Its a bit late so I'll call Thursday to discuss details but, I'll take it. Talk soon. -Lee
  6. motomodz

    Need some pics/info about early front signals.

    lenses for what its worth, if the lenses are just cloudy but not cracked, they can be "restored" with any of the over the counter headlight restoration kits that are available at Autozone, Pep Boys, takes a little time but, the results are well worth it. I think the kit I used...
  7. motomodz

    wtb - 1971 FJ55 owners manual

    title says it all, looking for original (or repro if available?) owners manual for my 1971 FJ55. Not sure if there was any other small manuals or paperwork that would have came with one of these when purchased new back then but, let me know what you have. Is anyone making repeoduction manuals...
  8. motomodz

    Random Pig Parts

    side markers..... PM sent on the side markers.
  9. motomodz

    Rear corners and bumpers

    steel bumpers material..... thick is the material for the steel rear bumper? Any plans in the works for making a comparable front bumper too match the rear?
  10. motomodz

    Pig Parts in Central Cal FOR SALE

    PM sent I sent a pm response......I need to see the area under the drivers side rear reflector, same general area as the passenger side u posted, just need to see the same area, but drivers side then we can go from there! Thanx. -Lee
  11. motomodz

    Pig Parts in Central Cal FOR SALE

    PM sent PM sent.....looking for a couple patches! Thank you.
  12. motomodz

    Parts Parts Parts 69FJ55

    rear reflectors FJ55 Hello......if the rear reflectors come with everything shown in the photo (bases, lenses and trim rings).....and of the trim rings have no rust through.....I'll take em! Let me know your paypal and how much to ship too 21219. Thanks!! sent as well. -Lee
  13. motomodz

    pair of OEM round red rear reflectors

    pm sent pm sent...
  14. motomodz

    buffalo new york

    not anymore I use to live in a suburb of Buffalo (Lockport)......I'm in Baltimore now. I never saw any 55's up there when I lived there. If you ever need any work done on your pig, I know of an amazing craftsmen in that area that can handle anything from some custom bumper fab / rust repair...
  15. motomodz

    1971 fj55 parts

    pm sent PM sent with a short list of small bits and pieces I am looking for to help finish my 71' FJ55 build. Let me know if you have any of these items! -Lee
  16. motomodz

    Parting out 1974 FJ55

    might be interested in side mirrors, please send pix to thanks!
  17. motomodz

    Picture of stock radio installed...anyone

    Yes......I know I need the bracket and the knob and cable.....not sure what rush, let me know what you have when you have a chance. I've got lots of other things to do in the meantime! ok, sorry for the thread hijack.....i really need to update my build thread to show the progress...
  18. motomodz

    Picture of stock radio installed...anyone

    My May 1971 build pig has the threaded holes under the dash that looks that bracket and vent are meant to be there......should my FJ55 be equipped with that feature and it was just removed at some point? What was the year range for that feature? Is it tough to find the parts to add it? I always...
  19. motomodz

    Picture of stock radio installed...anyone

    Ige, rookie question for the photo in post #10, what is the knob mounted at the lower left end of the dash and what does it control?? that the hand throttle I have heard about or some kind of vent?? Thanks in advance. -Lee
  20. motomodz

    FJ55 interior trim paint question

    I am preparing to repaint the front heater box in my 1971 FJ55 and I am trying to find a good match for the original charcoal grey-ish paint color....I am looking for either a source for some good aerosol paint or paint code ,etc. (The brackets that mount to the floor behind the rear bench seat...
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