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  1. bugsnbikes

    80 Troopy

    first cut is always the hardest.
  2. bugsnbikes

    For Sale  Calif/ 1983 fj60 130k miles
  3. bugsnbikes

    SOLD  2008 , Low miler $12k

  4. bugsnbikes

    Wanted  Jdm hdj80 series spare tire swingout

    is this gonna be near i possible to find?
  5. bugsnbikes

    Gen V 5.3 L83 / 8L90e / Blackbox / 80series

    Let the corona downtime project fun begin
  6. bugsnbikes

    For Sale  NorCal Safari Turbo Full Kit

    Safari Turbo Kit - full kit including orig manifold / intercooler / oil cooler / mounts fittings and all hoses / stainless pipes etc. This was a $6000 kit originally and i started cleaning it up/ descaled and inspected manifold and recoated with a high temp 1400deg coating, Intercooler is in...
  7. bugsnbikes

    Wanted  Fried Harness, 80 series

    if anyone has yanked a roasted engine side harness for a spankin new looking to scavenge a bunch of connectors for a gen5 LS swap into 80. gen5/8L80 / NWF doubler/ 80 case. can pay or barter items you may need....ive got lotso good junk for 40/55/80's.
  8. bugsnbikes

    For Sale  Ca fj40 Fire Cheif

  9. bugsnbikes

    Stout wanted

    So i finally found another 80 ---and am looking to make something similar to my fzj55 (55 on 80) except Stout/80. anyone who spots a good candidate......please p.m. Good body - not running is the ideal candidate,
  10. bugsnbikes

    For Sale  NorCal 69 40

    looks pretty clean and updated 2f and suspension NOT MINE
  11. bugsnbikes

    For Sale  socal 60 pickup bikini top?

    not mine
  12. bugsnbikes

    For Sale  Napa / 45 /tons tons o axles tons o cash / not a ton o 45 left but cool
  13. bugsnbikes

    MUDShip  Los Angeles to S.F.area

    Anyone happen to be heading L.A. to S.F. with space - i can chip in for gas $ - transport 40 body parts will grab pic and dimensions
  14. bugsnbikes

    For Sale  Rare 63 lol
  15. bugsnbikes

    Wanted  40 series visors. 2 bolt style for 1974 40

    looking for some oem visors vs repops for the 40 fst. resto/ something with some "character" but not totally torn up in need of serious resto would be great.
  16. bugsnbikes

    For Sale  Cali Custom Wrangler Unlimited

    its all how u market your vehicle.... 😎
  17. bugsnbikes

    FST rear springpacks vs hardtop

    does anyone know if stock Factory Softop 40's came with fewer leafs in the stock springpack than hardtops???
  18. bugsnbikes

    For Sale  BC- 1998 100 series oem 1hd-fte + active vacation package m/t
  19. bugsnbikes

    Wanted  norcal/ 4spd trans output shaft

    lookin for a 4spd output shaft for a buddy
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