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  1. JohnnyFish

    For Sale  TX: 97 LX450 115k cream puff (not mine)
  2. JohnnyFish

    CCBs installed correctly?

    The steering on my 96 LX isn’t great. It wanders and doesn’t center well. It’s better since I replaced the steering end links and had it aligned but still not good. It has a previous-owner-installed 2.5-3” OME lift and it seems to have OME caster correction bushings. I don’t have experience with...
  3. JohnnyFish

    Connector question

    Hey folks, should this connector be available at the Toyota parts desk? What should I ask for? I believe it’s the coolant temp sensor.
  4. JohnnyFish

    Goose Poop - my '95 LS swap project

    Five weeks ago at 6 in the morning, @Wopega posted his locked '95 for sale in Ft. Worth for $1000. I DM'ed him about 20 minutes later and was first in a long line. Bryon was awesome to work with, and that Friday evening I dragged it home to Austin. It had been sitting at a Ft. Worth Landcruiser...
  5. JohnnyFish

    For Sale  Gold Country, CA: 96 locked rollover; anyone need parts? $6k

    Not mine. $6k
  6. JohnnyFish

    $19.5 for a 345k '96... wow

    The going rate for a clean nicely modded 345k locked & armored '96 is $19,500. At this point I've bought 4 locked FZJ80's and haven't spent...
  7. JohnnyFish

    For Sale  Troy, MI: 97 LX450 supercharged, not locked, rust, usual issues, 230k I think it might be going for the price of a supercharger as I type this, but it's a new listing with 6 days to go. No affiliation.
  8. JohnnyFish

    MUDShip  Austin, TX to Las Vegas, NV

    I have a couple of seats that I need to ship to LV from Austin, San Antonio, Dallas or Houston.
  9. JohnnyFish

    For Sale  Austin, TX: 80 series brown cloth seats; $500 obo

    These were swapped into my LX450, and I've replaced them with 911 seats. Good condition. Missing the plastic grips on the recline levers.
  10. JohnnyFish

    wiring trouble

    Hopefully quick wiring question for y'all. Fingers and toes crossed. I swapped some Porsche 911 front seats into my LX450 over the past three weekends. In wiring power to the seats, I shorted the blue seat power wire for several seconds (re-used an OEM connector and had a hard time pulling it...
  11. JohnnyFish

    For Sale  Dallas: 94 with some body damage (no affiliation)

    Low mileage. Only $5500! What a bargain.
  12. JohnnyFish

    For Sale  Houston: '92 built very clean motivated seller (no affiliation)

    $22k seems like a lot for any 3fe, especially without lockers, but this is nice. An example of the peril of investing a ton in your rig and trying to get your money back. Looks like the ARB front bumper hit something pretty hard...
  13. JohnnyFish

    For Sale  Dallas: 1996 built (no affiliation)

    $30k wow
  14. JohnnyFish

    OEM relay panel function?

    I have a general automotive knowledge question that I hope the collective can help me with. I grabbed this relay/fuse panel out of a Nissan Altima to use for lights and accessories in my 96 LX450. I’ve reverse engineered the pin out for all 11 relays but for one side of the coil on each one...
  15. JohnnyFish

    For Sale  Austin, TX: '97 locked(?) CE 216k (no affiliation)

    He states many times that it's a one owner vehicle, then he says "When I got the car I went through it and did all of the maintenance." So, either he inherited it or it's a two owner vehicle. [edit he says at the end of the video that the person he bought it from was the original owner] There's...
  16. JohnnyFish

    SOLD  West TX: 91 DIESEL LHD HZJ80 5SPD 4.2 1HZ (no affiliation) "Needs some body work"... I can see that the front fenders don't match the hood very well but I don't see other evidence of a front-end collision. Looks really clean inside. Rebuilt engine, t-case, MT...
  17. JohnnyFish

    LX450 audio

    Anyone interested in this stuff? LX450 head unit, amp, woofer and CD changers. Free for nothing. Been sitting on my shelf for a few.
  18. JohnnyFish

    For Sale  Austin, TX: 97 locked craigslist not mine
  19. JohnnyFish

    For Sale  Dallas: 97 LX450 211k not mine "Full time 4x4. Runs good, all power, AC works, tilt, cruise, power window, locks and power front seats. Sun roof does not work. 4.5L inline 6 cylinder. Texas vehicle with no rust. ARB Safari...
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