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  1. gonzopancho

    Bolt on turbo kit

    @NLXTACY ’s wife is in the hospital *and* has been on chemo, and there have been fires near the office (one employee had his house burned down). 6 days ago he posted on IG about having huge shipping issues. Mostly USPS.<no politics>. (all public info based on his IG posts)
  2. gonzopancho

    The Water Well Thread

    The explosion is typically a pressure switch not working. I’ve seen frozen 1/4” nipples or tees freeze solid even in Las Vegas during a cold morning. If this happens while the pump is off typically nothing bad happens, other than “no water”. If they freeze on, the pump might eventually give up...
  3. gonzopancho

    Events/Trails Southern Swine Soirée-2020 The Ozarks

    [URL unfurl="true"][/URL] #landcruisergirls on IG Tell ‘em you fly helicopters. You’re welcome.
  4. gonzopancho

    SOLD Lft & Rt Mirrors New

  5. gonzopancho

    SOLD Lft & Rt Mirrors New

    If you feel that guilty, sell them to me as absolution.
  6. gonzopancho

    Beware of Steve Eby / @aquatech3

    Bump so people know Steve is a thief.
  7. gonzopancho

    OEM Toyota Land Cruiser Hub Caps FJ40 FJ45 FJ55 1965 to 1982 Size?

    OK, but what’s he do after coffee?
  8. gonzopancho

    craigslist 1971 FJ55 no affliation

    I think it might be sold.
  9. gonzopancho

    1970 FJ55 “Oscar” is a Film Star

    Change the label, re-file with the BATF. It’s a bummer (once had a wine label...)
  10. gonzopancho

    Cruisers Seen Around ATX

  11. gonzopancho

    Cruisers Seen Around ATX

    We live pretty nearby (38th and Shoal Creek). Might have been us. Here is the 89 at the Draught House on Medical.
  12. gonzopancho

    1970 FJ55 “Oscar” is a Film Star

    Comin' to ya on a dusty road Wheat whiskey, I got a truck load And when you get it you got something So don't worry cause I'm coming... Iron pigs, man!
  13. gonzopancho

    Tales,Trails and Trials of a (wet) Dream Machine

    Jetboils are great. Carried one for 4 years as the SM for Troop 101 in Hawaii. Even took the French press top along on the kid’s school camping trips (definitely car camping. I got selected because i had the stoves and the pots that could deal with 30 plus people. I didn’t have a pig then...
  14. gonzopancho

    new fj55 in Texas

    Very good buy. Lowest I had from that kid was $9k. Very nice fj55. Total time machine. (I saw it up close at LCS.) The green one in driftwood just went for $7k with no engine or transmission, a Chevy rear end, rust through on one fender lip and a reconstructed title out of Oregon...
  15. gonzopancho

    SOLD 1977 FJ55. Oregon title no motor or trans. $6500

    #metoo (edit, I'm out.)
  16. gonzopancho

    SOLD 71 FJ55 for sale in WA

    Right, so the switch isn’t making on the open side, or there is an open in the wiring between the switch and where the keyswitch intercepts.
  17. gonzopancho

    SOLD 71 FJ55 for sale in WA

    Not up at all with the dash switch? Maybe an open?
  18. gonzopancho

    Random WTF Pig For Sale Thread

    it’s the back door that’s really off the reservation. that said, I hope the new owner enjoys it for a long time.
  19. gonzopancho

    Random WTF Pig For Sale Thread

    I’ve considered putting a 1fz-fe / h151f combo with a TRD supercharger in my 40, rather than the 5.7 vortec (with the cracked cylinder head) that’s in there now. it would be less power, and more work, but way more “kewl” factor than just dropping a gm performance l31 long block replacement into...
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