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  1. lostmarbles

    Another double seal speedo housing

    This main thing you do to stop oil getting inside your brake drum is to eliminate unwanted play in your transfer output shaft because that play will cause ANY seal to leak (no matter whether it is new, old, single-lip, double-lip, or with or without speedi-sleeve). That sorted, you replace...
  2. lostmarbles

    Land Cruisers Manufactured?

    Well spotted. And that universal joint in the winch-drive is shot as well. (Can't ever get everything perfect from a previous-owner I guess.)
  3. lostmarbles

    Builds BJ43 1979 “Save the beauty”

    What happened here Andrey? Were you just testing the brakes or did something seriously go wrong? (It seems hard to believe that you intended to leave those nasty black tyre marks on your nice paved area. And without understanding your language, it appears to me that a swear word may have...
  4. lostmarbles

    Different options of cylinder head for BJ40 (B diesel)

    Everything looks so p-e-r-f-e-c-t!!!!! And sounds perfect too!!
  5. lostmarbles

    VIN Info

    September 1980
  6. lostmarbles

    Bow packing installation

    I find this particularly interesting Frank because I recall these things being positioned only on the REAR top corners of my door-openings on my BJ40 hardtop. However this image confirms that they should exist both front AND rear: And it appears we have 4 different parts: Right-hand side...
  7. lostmarbles

    Help with rpm gauge not working

    I don't know what year your HJ47 but this is for a 1983 supposedly: This may be useful too I imagine Cheers
  8. lostmarbles

    Real time help

    This is from the 1983 wiring FSM and is supposed to cover HJ4# models if it's of any help: (Ooops. I've just swapped this image because I think the other one was for some other model than an HJ4series.)
  9. lostmarbles

    Help with rpm gauge not working

    Hi Danny, Hellgate and everyone.. We''ve just got back from a little steam excursion and I'm still running around chasing my tail trying to catch up on things... Oh.. And on this trip (the day before yesterday) I spotted the latest acquisition by the New Zealand Army - Flash eh? (Just to show...
  10. lostmarbles

    BFG 33x10.50x15 MT versus AT

    I definitely prefer the look of mud-terrain tyres and never noticed any noise or handling deterioration when I swapped from BFG all-terrains to BFG mud-terrains (KM2). (But then I was running a B-series diesel which may explain why I didn't notice a noise difference. B-series engines are not at...
  11. lostmarbles

    Builds My '78 FJ40 "44"

    Hi Danny Thinking of you and Chester.... Time will heal the wounds...
  12. lostmarbles

    79 Fuel door variations FJ40

    Sorry for the late reply. I don't know where to get this locking mechanism. Even finding part numbers is hard for me now because I no longer have the Toyota database on my PC. Perhaps try someone who's wrecking a 40-series? :beer:
  13. lostmarbles


    Yes. Thanks Rudi. I do recall discussing this with fjfjfj around the time he posted it
  14. lostmarbles

    2B Not Starting

    Those are your fusible links. They protect the wires in your harness. They do this because they are of smaller-gauge wire and will melt/blow (as that one has) before the thicker harness/loom wires will. Yes. They are easy to repair - Just use new spade terminals and run a new length of wire...
  15. lostmarbles

    2B Not Starting

    Did you check these fusible links? :beer:
  16. lostmarbles

    VIN decode help

    Oh... What box is in the BJ40 now? Is it an H41? If so...only if you're into serious rockcrawling would you need a lower ratio than "1st gear low ratio" in my opinion... There are alternative gearboxes that serious rockcrawlers use ... but that's beyond my area of expertise anyway
  17. lostmarbles

    VIN decode help

    The 2977cc engine in a BJ40 doesn't really have enough power to warrant going for a higher final gear ratio in my opinion.. If you really want a higher cruising speed with less noise, then fitting both a larger engine and a 5-speed gearbox would be the way to go I reckon...
  18. lostmarbles

    VIN decode help

    If I'm reading that frame number correctly as 050015 then it has build date of February 1981 Sorry but I can't help with the colour code.. :beer:
  19. lostmarbles

    Oil Cooler for B Engine !

    That's interesting.. It certainly runs counter to my knowledge --- Are you sure that engine is original to the vehicle? Unless my information (that I've since disposed of due to no longer owning a 40-series) is incorrect, August 1980 should have been the first production date to receive that...
  20. lostmarbles

    '77 BJ40 B diesel suffered coolant freeze

    That engine must have suffered a really severe coolant-freeze! (I suspect it probably froze without any antifreeze at all in the coolant.) Sorry it didn't turn out better for you but at least you now have a better idea of the extent of the damage. :beer:
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