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  1. GTV

    RTH: Key Won't Go Into Ignition

    Currently the key only goes in a couple mm and comes to a dead stop. Doing preventative maintenance on my ‘07 LC. I’m working on replacing the bracket assembly for the steering column, I came across this post here that explained how to replace just the cam/rod instead of the entire assembly...
  2. GTV

    SOLD  Seattle: 5 TRD RW Rings w/Hardware, Caps, Locking Lugs $150

    5 TRD Rock Warrior wheel rings. Four in excellent condition, one has scrapes (pictured) 60 torx screws. All but maybe two or three are in excellent condition. 5 TRD center caps. Average condition, no cracks or breaks. 4 TRD locking lugs with matching key. Asking $150 obo + shipping from 98155...
  3. GTV

    2007 LC “VX”

    Hey all, I’m Zach. Long story short I started this journey in 2005 with a Tundra, then a Sequoia, and now I’m here. I type this from SeaTac on my way to Detroit to pick up my cruiser aka, The Unicorn. Luckily my aunt and uncle live near the PO so they were able to handle the transaction for me...
  4. GTV

    Vehicle Maintenance Record Keeping

    I'm finally going to pick up my cruiser next week and I'm curious to know what y'all use to keep track of maintenance, modifications, repairs, fuel mileage, etc. I've used this book in the past and it's been ok but I assume there has to a better (more modern) way of doing so. I will be doing...
  5. GTV

    My Rock Warrior Wheel Project

    Since I’m waiting for the country to open up so I can pick up my new to me LC (more on that later) I’ve decided to get these wheels where I want them to be. I got super lucky and found this complete set locally on CL from an older gent with a RW Tundra for $600. Got all the hardware as well but...
  6. GTV

    Buying LC From Out of State! Need Logistics Advice

    I posted this in the clubhouse section as well, apologies if that's a faux pas. I'm currently closing a deal for a 100 series. My aunt & uncle live near it so I sent them the money, they will pay the seller and pick it up for me this weekend then hold it at their place until the country is...
  7. GTV

    Buying LC From Out of State! Need Logistics Advice

    Hey ya'll, I'm currently making a deal for a 100 series. My aunt & uncle live near it so I sent them the money, they will pay the seller, pick it up for me and hold it at their place until the country is somewhat back to normal. Whenever that is I'll drive it home to Seattle. I need help with...
  8. GTV

    SOLD  Rock Warrior Spare. Anyone else looking?

    I’m now on the hunt for a 5th Rock Warrior. Would need to be near or willing to ship to Seattle. If a few more people are in the same boat and want to join forces to buy a set and split up let me know, happy to do so.
  9. GTV

    100 Series Hunt is ON! Where To Search?

    I've been hanging out here and doing my research on 100's for nearly a year now and I'm finally ready to take the plunge. I've narrowed it down to 06-07 LC's w/o AHC, any color other than Sonora gold and with a grey interior. Fairly specific requirements for a low production vehicle so I'm not...
  10. GTV

    Wanted  80/100 Series Rear Coil Spacers

    Just seeing if anyone has some 20-30mm coil spacers before I purchase them new. Thanks for looking :)
  11. GTV

    Wanted  Factory 80 Series Rear Coil

    I’m in need of an early 80 series rear coil, two white/one blue as seen on the left. These came out of a ‘91. Thanks for looking!
  12. GTV

    Why is this thing so cheap?

    I’ve started looking/researching a 06-07 100 series to buy in the next year or two. This has been for sale on eBay for months, the dealer just made a $3k+ price drop. If I could be trusted with that ivory interior it has I’d be all over it. Someone from mud must have already checked it out...
  13. GTV

    Denso 12 Hole Fuel Injectors

    Curious to know if anyone has experience with these. I’ve heard claims of better low/mid range performance and improved fuel economy but no hard data to back it up.
  14. GTV

    Builds  100's Cousin (twice removed)

    Hey all, I'm Zach. Originally from Arizona, now in the great northwest for the last 4 years. Absolutely love it here. I bought my 2000 SR5 AC 2WD V8 Tundra back in May of 2005 at the tender age of 24. I got bait and switched at the dealer, my mom had to co-sign for me, I was a broke ass...
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