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  1. navydivedoc

    For Sale  1961 FJ40 Rattle Can Rebuild "Jack's Truck"

    I've decided to sell "Jack's truck". I figured I would put an ad down here as well for those who don't venture out into the 40 forum. For the purists, I'll apologize upfront if I got anything wrong. Happy to edit. If you've been down here awhile I'm sure you followed along with Jack's build. I...
  2. navydivedoc

    For Sale  1961 FJ40, driver restoration rust free Arizona truck in New Hampshire

    Time to put up an official ad for this truck. The Little Red Lobster is for sale. Withdrawn from the market. I'm going to finish the truck and make room for 2. 1961 (first year import) Factory Hard Top FJ40. Almost Freeborn Red (see below). - Arizona truck resurrected by @JackA and...
  3. navydivedoc

    SOLD  1970 Tailgate handle, inside window mechanism, switch, reflectors x 2

    I have these spare parts I picked up for my now gone 1970 Pig project. Intact tailgate handle, pull mechanism, inside window mechanism with motor, etc. 2 rear reflectors and their bases. $325 package deal.
  4. navydivedoc

    SOLD  1967 FJ40 Original Yosemite Yellow Paint, Great Patina

    1967 FJ40 in very rare Yosemite Yellow. $12,000 Short version: 1967 FJ40 Yosemite Yellow - Original paint, survivor - on the east coast already - Small block Chevy conversion - 3 on the floor, vacuum 4wd Included with the sale - Complete front and rear cruiser corps corral seat cover set - New...
  5. navydivedoc

    LV for sale in CA.

    Something is up here. Scam? I sent a quick message on the forum, haven't heard back yet. Anyone know this truck? 45LV
  6. navydivedoc

    For Sale  New Dual Circuit Drum/Drum FJ40/55 Brake MC

    I bought this new Drum/Drum brake MC from MarkA to switch my 61 from single to dual circuit. I've decided to switch to a front disc set up, so going with the early FZJ80 non-ABS MC. Never out of its plastic, Mark just got rid of the box to compress for shipping. $90 shipped
  7. navydivedoc

    1970 FJ55 West to East Swine Transfer

    I've wanted a Pig for a while. I blame @wngrog and his parts-o-pig/ Warthog thread for getting it started. Finalized by touring this sub-forum and you fine gentlemen. Since I live on the east coast, there are essentially none out here. I troll the ads on Mud, on the Facebook Land Cruiser pages...
  8. navydivedoc

    Stock height 3 speed brake drum to diff pinion distance needed for driveshaft

    Came up dry on a search for this. I have a 1961 FJ40 with a centered rear axle, running a 1972 J30 3 speed trans/t-case set-up, in the stock location. No lift. I am rebuilding a set of 1978 axles to upgrade to discs. So, I will go from the centered to the offset diff. To minimize downtime, I'd...
  9. navydivedoc

    SOLD  Box of loose F motor valves, springs, etc.

    These are remnants from the machine shop work on my 1972 F155. Head ended up with 3 cracks and I dropped in a complete 2F. I have no idea on condition, etc but hate to see them go to waste. If you can use them I'll send them your way for the cost of shipping, will fit in a medium USPS flat rate.
  10. navydivedoc

    SOLD  F motor head, valve cover, side cover gaskets

    Partial gasket set from my abandoned F motor rebuild. Head gasket, side and valve cover gaskets are there. A few small bonus gaskets. I used some of the kit dressing the 2F with the F motor parts. $35 shipped
  11. navydivedoc

    SOLD  Terrain Tamer 80 series FF rear axle bearings

    Picked these up a couple of years ago for a FF rear axle that I no longer have. One box had some damage from moving around, but contents fine as shown. $80 shipped for the pair. Bearing link
  12. navydivedoc

    78 Disc/Drum combo upgrade to early FJ40, Best MC?

    I am rebuilding a set of 78 axles to have a dual circuit, disc/drum set up in my 1961 FJ40. @Rainman is making a new set of brake lines for it. I originally was going to just run the drums and convert to a dual circuit system, so I had already ordered a new Drum/drum MC and a firewall adapter...
  13. navydivedoc

    For Sale  Pig in CA

    Looks like a decent pig for sale in Briggs CA. Logistically a nightmare for me as I am on the east coast. Anyone nearby? I got a few pics from the owner. No front driveshaft makes me question the quality of the SBC conversion. He says it "should be an H55" but I couldn't tell from the low...
  14. navydivedoc

    For Sale  85 FJ60 2F upper T-stat housing

    85 Upper T-stat housing - $30 plus shipping
  15. navydivedoc

    For Sale  85 FJ60 Thermostat housing with temp sensors

    Upper and lower T-stat housing plus temp sensor/switches complete. $90 plus shipping.
  16. navydivedoc

    Wanted  Warn 8274 Drum End Support

    Somehow between picking up my rebuildable 8274, unceremoniously putting it in the trailer, and getting home the Drum end support assembly has disappeared. :doh: Anyone have an extra from a parts winch around they would sell me? Thanks
  17. navydivedoc

    WANTED 8274 Drum end support

    Somehow between picking up my rebuildable 8274, unceremoniously putting it in the trailer, and getting home the Drum end support has disappeared. :doh: Anyone have an extra from a parts winch around they would sell me? Thanks
  18. navydivedoc

    SOLD  2F 1985 fan with clutch

    Picked up a 2F that I put in my 1961 FJ40. Dressed it with the earlier items, so some left over. 1985 2F stock fan with fan clutch. $30 20 plus shipping.
  19. navydivedoc

    For Sale  F motor valve covers x 2

    F motor Valve covers - Both types, with and without oil fill inlet. One with oil inlet has some minor dents toward the rear. $50 each for the pair plus shipping 60 series motor mounts SOLD
  20. navydivedoc

    For Sale  72 F distributor price drop

    Unloved vacuum retard distributor. Cap and rotor new. Modify, improve with pertronix? $30 20 plus shipping
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