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  1. fixoldthings

    Mike Restores an FJ40 on YouTube

    A few months ago, I created a YouTube channel to document the restoration of a 1971 FJ40. In a video I just posted to the channel, you'll meet my friend Andy and the first FJ40 I restored about 15 years ago. We take them both for a short trail ride on his property in the mountains. During...
  2. fixoldthings

    Would a RWD steering box work for a "minitruck" power steering conversion?

    I'd like to do the "minitruck" conversion to my '71 FJ40, but the cheapest PS gear box I can find is around $350 + core. Core charges are in excess of $300 which tells me they're getting scarce. I've called every salvage yard in the area and come up empty. The RWD version of this gear box is...
  3. fixoldthings

    Mike Restores an FJ40 YouTube

    For the past few months I've been restoring a '71 FJ40, which I've been documenting on YouTube. There are 19 videos so far. I'm a first-time YouTuber, so I'd appreciate constructive feedback.
  4. fixoldthings

    What distributor is this?

    Here are a few pictures of the distributor currently in my 1971 FJ40. What the heck is this? It's clearly not the original Toyota distributor. I noticed a little M logo on the rotor and points. Could this be an old Mallory distributor for a Chevy 235?
  5. fixoldthings

    Front Seats: Fix or Go Original?

    First-time poster here. I'm working on a '71 FJ40 where a previous owner removed the factory bench seats and installed a pair of bucket seats (maybe from an '80s American car). The driver's seat was screwed into the lid of the tool box which I don't think is safe. No way this seat stays put in...
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