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  1. robustbambi

    Builds  Mallcrawlin' 100

    Sup my doggies, I bought this truck late December after months of looking for a nice late model 200 series... After finally coming to terms and deciding way I'm too poor for the trucks i wanted, I settled on the truck i've wanted for years, an 06/07 100 series!! I found this truck out in Texas...
  2. robustbambi

    I want a 200

    I still have my FJ62 and thats never going anywhere... But I want something a little newer, more powerful, slightly better on gas, and I guess safer. I dont know the major/minor differences between the earlier 200s and the newer ones in terms of fancy features. Ideally it'd have air conditioned...
  3. robustbambi

    Cannot disengage 4 low (FJ62) help, pretty please with a cherry on top

    i made the mistake of putting the 62 in 4 low the other day while trying to go 4 wheeling... well now it's not going back to 4hi. I can move the shifter through its full range of motion, and after looking up at it from underneath the truck, I can see that it IS moving the linkages leading to the...
  4. robustbambi

    Truck Broken Into, Now Im Trying To Repair.

    Some fxxxing assholes broke into the 62 a couple days ago, didn't take anything, but made a nice little mess of my things... Anyway, Im trying to replace the driver side front window and can't find any information on the process, can anyone explain pretty please?
  5. robustbambi

    exhaust shops near atlanta?

    I want a new exhaust system built from the headers down. Anyone have any good experiences at any shops?
  6. robustbambi

    For Sale  SOLD 4plus 60 Series U-bolt flip kits (front and rear) Atlanta, Ga

    $230 + shipping This kit was installed on my 62 back when I decided shackle reverse it but was only installed for a few months until I decided to spring over. The base and top plates are in great condition with the powder coat still in good shape as well (one top plate is painted with...
  7. robustbambi

    SOLD  (4) 17" Hutchinson / Rock Monster Beadlocks 6x5.5 (GA)

    sold Alright peeps, up for sale are my set of 4 hutchinson (Rock Monster) DOT compliant double beadlocks. (Tires not included) -I had to wait about 3 months for these after my order was placed and cost me $2000, so get these, forget that BS waiting period and save some money! -They will fit...
  8. robustbambi

    For Sale  GA: Trail Tailor Rear Bumper (60 series)

    SOLD!!!! Jason (Reevesci here on mud) at Trail Tailor made this bumper for me about a year ago and while theres absolutely nothing wrong with it at all... i now want something different because im just difficult and i can't keep my mind made up haha. It's a single swingout, centered tire...
  9. robustbambi

    Georgia Cruiser's Annual at Ralph's October 23-25

    The fall annual is going to be held at Ralph's property in Dawsonville, Ga. For those that do not know, this is a private park that we have negotiated with the owner to let up us use the land for camping as well as wheeling. The price for admission if $30 per truck (excluding tow rigs)...
  10. robustbambi


    There's no meeting this coming Tueday since all the members will be at GSMTR. The next meeting will be tuesday May 12. Patrick
  11. robustbambi

    Club Meeting Tuesday, April 7th

    Our next meeting is coming up in the next few weeks on Tuesday, April 7th Location: Ippolitos Italian Restaurant (5277 Peachtree Parkway, Norcross, GA 30092) Time: Officially starts at 7:30pm, but many arrive around 6:30 to meet/catch up with each other. Major Topics of Discussion: -Upcoming...
  12. robustbambi

    Club Meeting Tuesday, March 3rd

    Our next meeting is coming up on Tuesday so bring your dues and join on up! Location: Ippolitos Italian Restaurant (5277 Peachtree Parkway, Norcross, GA 30092) Time: Officially starts at 7:30pm, but many arrive around 6:30 to meet/catch up with each other. Major Topics of Discussion: -Koozies...
  13. robustbambi

    J.W. Speaker 8800 Headlight Install (Easy)

    (High beam pictures on page 2) I ordered these low beams earlier this week from ok4wd ( to replace my Hella H4s that id been thinking about upgrading for a while. The Hellas weren't bad by any means, i just wanted...
  14. robustbambi

    AOP ride Jan. 24-25

    Hey peeps, the Georgia Cruisers are making a run up to AOP in a couple weeks for the first trip of the year. I wanted to shoot y'all an invite in case some of y'all are free and want to meet us there!
  15. robustbambi

    First Club Meeting of 2015 - (Tuesday) January 6

    Its that time again! So come out and get some of those delicious, toasty bread rolls... and i guess converse over upcoming events and other Toyota club related things. Location: Ippolitos Italian Restaurant (5277 Peachtree Parkway, Norcross, GA 30092) Time: Officially starts at 7:30pm, but many...
  16. robustbambi

    December Club Meeting (Tuesday 12/2)

    Our monthly club meeting is this Tuesday at the Ippolitos in Norcross (5277 Peachtree Pkwy, Norcross, GA 30092). New toyota 4x4 folks are always welcome, just be ready to introduce yourself :p. The important club information starts at 7:30pm, but most members show up an hour or so early to catch...
  17. robustbambi

    Club Shirts

    Here are 3 shirt designs that Aidan and I have come up with and we wanted to get other club members' opinions about them. If people like them, we can choose one and i'll talk to the BOD members and see if we can fit it into the budget for this year. Hopefully we can implement this logo through...
  18. robustbambi

    SOLD! (4) Goodyear MT/R Kevlar 315/75r16 + 80 series rims [GA]

    SOLD $1150 for the (4) Kevlars and (4) 80 series rims. Located in Alpharetta, Ga (30005) 20 miles north of Atlanta Bought these back in December 2013 for my 62 before i realized i wanted to spring it over and move on to 37 MT/Rs... so now i have the joy of selling another set of tires haha. I...
  19. robustbambi

    Wanted  FJ Cruiser Steelies

    Found some! Patrick
  20. robustbambi

    Mystery Sightings

    All the other clubs have this sort of thread soooo... Post pics up of all the cool old Toyotas you spot out on the road. Maybe someone else will know of the owner. Very nice BJ42 spotted in Vinings a few days ago. Had Alabama plates, but I've seen it 2x so maybe its local. Cant tell if...
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