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  1. Paco

    12HT Glow Screen

    My glow screen was working intermittently and has now quit altogether. Traced through to the screen connections so it is getting power but no continuity in the screen. Pulled it up on PartSouq and was able to source out of Japan for $425. Are these rebuildable? Any other less expensive options?
  2. Paco

    HJ61 tail lights on without being turned on

    The weirdest thing happened last night - I parked my rig for a meeting and when I came back about five hours later the tail lights were on. Rig was locked and the headlight switch was not on. I started it up and turned the lights on and then back off and the tail lights stayed on. Turned the...
  3. Paco

    HJ61 bumper lights?

    Does anybody know if these are break lights or marker lights? I am having difficulty getting them to turn on...
  4. Paco

    MUDShip  RTT LA to Portland

    Potentially buying a roof top tent in LA so looking at mudship opportunities to get it up to Portland...
  5. Paco

    24v Window Regulator Motor

    I did some searching and was unable to find very much so starting a post on this. The regulator motor on the passenger side window went out on my 88 HJ61. I have power to the switch and it seems to be functioning properly. Questions... 1) Are 24v replacement motors available? I was unable...
  6. Paco

    Project HJ: 24v - 12v power supply

    My HJ61 landed so now the fun begins! I have several projects in mind, one of them being a stereo and amp. My problem is the age old dilemma of the yellow wire for presets and memory. I am worried about drawing down one of the batteries. To compound this, it is not a daily driver. Once a...
  7. Paco

    WTB 60 series mudflaps

    Looking for a full set of mudflaps for my HJ61 - standard without flares. Cheers Paco
  8. Paco

    eBay  2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TX Turbo Diesel??

    Not mine, and not sure if this is the correct category so please move if needed. Trying to figure out how this one is "legally imported and legally licensed in Colorado",and why is it in Florida now? 2016 Prado TX Turbo Diesel
  9. Paco

    eBay  Slightly modified 1963 FJ40

    Not mine. Looks like no reserve... 1963 Toyota Land Cruiser fj40 4x4 | eBay
  10. Paco

    For Sale  LHD HJ61 in Costa Rica

    Not mine - came across this on SOR's classified today: I emailed Johnny and he sent me some pictures: Anybody know anything about this rig? One of the shots in car port looks familiar but I can't place where I saw it. Maybe he had it posted previously?
  11. Paco

    eBay  2000 Troopy

    Nice rig! Wondering how it is titled legally in the states... 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser Troopy | eBay
  12. Paco

    eBay  HDJ81

    Not mine and no affiliation. Does anybody know about this dealer? Curious about the undercoating - is this common? "NO RUST ON BODY OR FRAME - the truck is dipped in OIL for Prevention Purposes - if you think you see rust - THAT'S OIL***" 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ81 | eBay
  13. Paco

    eBay  HDJ80 VX Poland

    Not mine - aside from the miles and that it is in Poland, does this seem like a decent rig? 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser | eBay
  14. Paco

    eBay  HJ60 Chicago

    1986 Toyota Land Cruiser Land Cruiser GX | eBay Not mine but a nice looking HJ60. Anybody know anything about it?
  15. Paco

    eBay  BJ 43 - Not mine

    1979 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ 43 | eBay Posted without comment...
  16. Paco

    eBay  1993 HZJ77

    Saw this beauty today - too bad we can't bend the 25 year rule. Anybody know anything about importing from the Netherlands? Also any info on the seller? 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser stationwagon 5-door | eBay
  17. Paco

    Anybody seen these hubs?

    I was browsing ebay and say this restored FJ40 with some funky front hubs. Anybody seen these before and know what kind they are and how they work? Toyota : Land Cruiser FJ-40
  18. Paco

    eBay  Not mine

    Anybody know anything about the seller or the options on this rig? Looks interesting, but he does have one bad review for rust on the undercarriage of another rig he sold. Toyota : Land Cruiser 4WD Factory Turbo Diesel 6 Cyl
  19. Paco

    eBay  Land Rover Defender IIA 109

    My cousin is selling his Rover. I have driven this rig and it is nice! A long time in the restoration - he is a meticulous guy and left nothing to chance.
  20. Paco

    eBay  HJ40

    Not mine but saw this on Ebay - looks like an excellent rig. I have been waiting for somebody to drop a 2H into a 40. Anybody know anything on the conversion or seller? Could this take a turbo...
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