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  1. Mena661

    Builds Tex's 2019 GX460 build

    Well that sucks. I was originally going to get some SCS wheels too. Glad I didn't.
  2. Mena661

    Wildpeaks suck......

    In my experience, tire shops vary. I ONLY use one's that are vetted by other people with similar vehicle interests. For example, only use tire shops used by other sports car owners when tires are needed for a sports car or only use tire shops used by other off-road enthusiasts when tires are...
  3. Mena661

    Builds 2011 GX460 Mild Build

  4. Mena661

    5th gen 4runner sliders on '19 GX460

    Agreed. Website is terrible.
  5. Mena661

    5th gen 4runner sliders on '19 GX460

    The Rocky Road sliders don't look good to you?
  6. Mena661

    GX460 Lexus tires question

    I think most of the problems with tires are because of the actual size differences between the tires. For example, I have Falken Wildpeak AT3W in 275/70R-17. Compare that to the "same" size in BFG KO2 A/T. Falken lists the actual size as 32.4x10.8. BFG lists theirs as 32.2x10.9. Even within the...
  7. Mena661

    Icon or King, weight, adjustable. Who is the best to order from? Etc

    Treaty Oak Offroad is pretty good with making recommendations based on your needs. They set me up with my basic Dobinsons kit.
  8. Mena661

    Builds 2011 GX460 Mild Build

    2.5" lift almost 3" overall.
  9. Mena661


    My build, except for the roof rack and possibly the tires (mine are 32.5"), sounds close to what you're looking for. I may be wrong though. In my signature, you can click on 2011 Lexus GX... and it will take you to my build.
  10. Mena661

    Builds SouthTxGX’s question and build thread

    I was just thinking about this last time I was at the store.
  11. Mena661

    Final Decisions For Next Weeks Build

    Difficult to answer but I'll give it a shot. Are you going to tow the trailer offroad? If not, then a lightweight trailer would be a great alternative to putting a ton of weight on the GX. I know people do it but I wouldn't tow any trailer offroad unless it was on basically a dirt road. If not...
  12. Mena661

    Alignment SoCal

    I've never even heard of these stores before. Closest one is in Van Nuys. Only an hour away so that should work. Thanks much @r2m !!!
  13. Mena661

    Alignment SoCal

    Looking for an alignment shop that's a little closer to where I live. I am in the Palmdale-Lancaster area. Preferably Santa Clarita or Northridge but open to other locations (Monrovia would be too far). Thanks all.
  14. Mena661

    GX460 / Prado120 pic thread

    Some local off-roading.
  15. Mena661

    What wheel offset for biggest tires using stock spare and suspension

    The reports are all over the place because it really depends on the actual tire size. Actual sizes vary. Also factory hitch will prevent some tires from being mounted there also.
  16. Mena661

    Dobinsons 2" lift kit install on 2011 GX460 (Orange County)

    I have the basic kit and ride quality is just fine.
  17. Mena661

    Builds Giovanni’s 460 build

  18. Mena661

    Coastal Offroad Front Bumper Build

    You just saved me some money. Thank you.
  19. Mena661

    Coastal Offroad Front Bumper Build

    So the factory recovery points are good?
  20. Mena661

    Builds 2014 GX460 Incoming Baby Build

    I am very happy with my RSG sliders as well. I got the flat one's.
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