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  1. MPTank

    Wanted  Wtb 1997 lx450 pen front bumper

    Looking for a complete oem front bumper for a 1997 LX450. Preferably in grey. Thanks
  2. MPTank

    Oil pan seal redone....still leaking??

    Hello I purchased a 97 lx450 a few months ago with all the normal oil leaks. Thanks to Mud I was able to fix all but one last leak. The last one was the oil pan arch /rear main seal leak. Oil was on the bell housing. Thinking the oil pan arch was the cause of the leak, I went that route to see...
  3. MPTank

    Opinion. Should I buy

    1997 lx450 with lockers 260k miles $5000 Have all service records from Lexus new up till 212k. Head gasket replaced at 240k. Does not smoke or overheat. Just a small oil leak. Ac blows ice cold. Spent all its life in Pensacola and mobile. No rust. Front seats recovered. Interior looks nice. No...
  4. MPTank

    Wanted  Torsion bars and springs 100

    Hello. Looking for torsion bars and springs from a 100landcrusier.
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