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  1. IDave

    Stolen Taco FoCo

    Hey guys. Hope it's OK to post this in here. My daughter's roommate's black '97 Tacoma was stolen early this morning from outside their apartment in Old Town, Fort Collins. It has a white flower/turtle sticker in the back window. They also busted the wing window out of my daughter's 84...
  2. IDave

    Wanted: return spring stud

    The stud for the return springs for the accelerator linkage for my 64 F135 engine was broken off during rebuild. I have been waiting to put together the pieces for the original linkage. It's a knurled stud that fits into the engine block on the driver's side. I don't have a part number (does...
  3. IDave

    Bug:  SChat Forum Jump

    When I've come to the end of a thread in SChat and try to use forum jump to go back to the top of the forum, I am sent to User Control Panel. I am using Firefox 3.0.11 in both WinXP and Win7 to the same effect. What up?
  4. IDave

    Bent Pushrod, Idle Miss

    I've been in the process of chasing down an intermittent flapping sound over the last couple of months (it would happen for a half hour or so every two weeks, then stop just before I got it into my shop). I've gone down a couple of dead ends and am not yet sure I know what it is. Anyway, I...
  5. IDave

    Clutch Pedal Release Height ?

    Searched here and did a bit of searching on the internet without a clear answer to my question. This is my daughter's 84 4x4 Mini Pickup with (after low speed roll) 86 tub on it. Essentially, the issue is that unless she floors the clutch pedal at a stop sign or light with the engine...
  6. IDave

    Spark arc

    This regards my FJ45 with F135 engine and nonUSA distributor, SD50 single barrel carburetor. I may have more than one issue going here, and I understand that. Still, I thought I'd run a flag up and see what people think. Yesterday, before sunup, I was driving to a secret turkey hunting spot...
  7. IDave

    Drag link question

    I've noticed the drag link ends on my daughter's Hilux have a lot of play ( I was looking for play in the TREs, which I didn't see). I would say at least 3/16 to 1/4 inch of laxity in each of the ends. I had already adjusted to the factory 1 1/3 turns out from factory, and that's how much play...
  8. IDave

    Bad Vibe

    After recently adding a 2 inch lift, and putting on mildly oversized tires, I have a vibration that I've been unable to get rid of, and I was hoping someone could advise me as to where to look. I would NOT call this a death wobble by any means. As far as that goes, it doesn't really affect the...
  9. IDave

    Timing a 22R

    My daughter's 84 Hilux mini is special. One of the things it came with is a 22R engine that has a 93 or 94 bottom end and an 85 carbed top end. Supposedly the bottom had only 70 K when it was transferred into this truck. Anyway, it has always seemed underpowered to me, which may have more...
  10. IDave

    Carb problem: Needle Valve vs. Float?

    I recently cleaned some gunk out of the SD40 carb in my Fj45 (took it apart and soaked it in carb dip, etc). Since then, I have noticed some hard starting (progressive over the last week) and gas on the outside of the carb (while I was changing the oil yesterday). So, today I watched closely...
  11. IDave

    WTB: Headlight switch

    If anyone has one, I could use a good working old style/rotary headlight switch. Cops stopped me last night for no taillights :o (jiggling the switch got them working, but it's happened before, and it's hard to tell it isn't working without getting out of the truck and walking around...
  12. IDave

    Carb Rebuild Kit

    Anyone found a better carb rebuild kit for the 22R than the Echlin kit from Napa? I know there are cheaper (and probably worse) kits out there that are very one size fits all. The Echlin kit covers quite a few carbs, however, and I wondered if there's something I can get which is even more...
  13. IDave

    Timing Chain Jumped

    Friend has an 86 minitruck with a 22RE. A couple of weeks ago he heard a clunk and greatly lost power. Finally got it into the mechanic today and he told him the chain was off 2 links, and thought that was unusual for it to jump that much. Temporary fix was to pop the chain back to where it...
  14. IDave

    PHP errors

    I use Firefox and with the advent of the new Tabs format I keep getting PHP errors, timeouts, waiting for PHP, links to download PHP. What happened? Is anyone else experiencing these? Anyone have a fix? I am attempting to post this with i.e.. We'll see if I get the same issues.
  15. IDave

    Ohm-ing Coil Question

    Checking out my internally resisted coil today, chasing an intermittent acceleration miss (guess there's an epidemic of these). The primary resistance is fine at 3.45 ohm (spec 3 to 4 ohm). The secondary resistance is a bit high, however, at 9.5 k ohm (the specification is for 6.75-8.25 k...
  16. IDave

    22R oil gauge vaccillating

    I haven't had an opportunity to look at it myself yet, but my daughter says her hilux' oil gauge is flipping back and forth between reading normally and reading off/low. I know that sounds like a loose wire, but I want to know if it might be a sign of something more serious about to go bang...
  17. IDave

    Push rod question

    I'm reassembling an F155 engine and I'm at the pushrod point. I've been taught always to return the pushrod to the same hole it came out of, like it's really critical, but I'm trying to understand why and how important this is. The FSM engine manual (well, 3 out of 4 manuals I have) doesn't...
  18. IDave

    Brakes flagging

    My 84 Hilux' brakes are showing some weakness. When I press on the brake I get good stopping, then the pedal slowly sinks to a lower point where I have good pedal and braking. Typically, I'll come to a stop sign or light, stop smoothly, then, as I'm waiting with my foot on the brake pedal...
  19. IDave

    Yet another acceleration stumble

    Yes, I know this question gets asked a lot, so I'll give details specific to my situation. :D When I am idling the truck and go to start up from a stop the truck bogs down and nearly stalls. But only the first time I try. Every subsequent time I hit the pedal, the engine revs as it should...
  20. IDave

    This cranks me off

    My newly rebuilt F and 1/2 locked up at work the other day. Drove fine, parked, came out 2 hours later and clank. It's been a while getting to the issue, which turned up in the 1st main oil hole:
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