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  1. swampfoxSC

    RTH Starter plunger size?

    my starter contacts are welded shut. The damn thing keeps on cranking nonstop. Just sold my Tacoma so I am down and out. Sux because I am literally about to order a bunch of PM parts and a starter rebuild was on the list. It started acting a little funny a few times lately. And hung WFO this...
  2. swampfoxSC

    Wanted  Rear FJ80 Carrier Bumper in SE

    Kaymar, ARB, IPOR,Slee,4x4lans,etc in the SE or willing to ship. Text me at 4043766711
  3. swampfoxSC

    Wanted  100 NEAR SC

    looking for a low miles 1998-02 100 for the wife. Prefer white but other lighter colors are a option. I have a baselined 95 White/tan LC that I can trade and some cash. Or just buy outright. Text me what you got 4043766711
  4. swampfoxSC

    For Sale  97 LOCKED IN SC

    1997 Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 Front & Rear Differential Locker No Rust Went to look at this last night with cash in hand. It wasn't for me but I can give my thoughts on it. BTW I am the second guy to pass on it. GOOD: Locked Headliner perfect Good DS visor Good shift knob No rust visible any...
  5. swampfoxSC

    For Sale  Heavily modded m416-sell trade 100,locked80

    SOLD-M416 off-road jeep camping trailer CVT RTT is included!! Mainly looking to sell. Might consider trade for a nice 100 plus some cash From me. Of course I am open to a nice 80 as well. But I have two already. This trailer was stripped to a bare frame a rebuilt a few years back.
  6. swampfoxSC

    Need Help Compression Gauge Stuck

    I totally got screwed by my compression gauge adapter. It came unthreaded in the bottom of the tube. Not knowing this I threaded my new plug in. Then I noticed the plug boot was a inch or so high. Pulled the plug and the the electrode was smashed in. Took a pic down the hole and saw the adapter...
  7. swampfoxSC

    For Sale  SC 96 lx450 126k miles,locked,supercharged

    not mine. But just drove a long way to buy it. I walked away. Not for me but maybe for you. 1996 Lexus LX450 TRO Supercharger-Lockers-Low Miles The good: Low miles Locked Supercharger Front seats are perfect Runs good New Yokohama tires New starter New AC compressor/evaporator New exhaust The...
  8. swampfoxSC

    Buying a GX470 what to look out for?

    So I am looking at these for the wife/myself. Trying get away from the POS Grand Cherokee. I'm a 80 guy but the wife likes these better. The motors appear to be great. In my search I have seen two with over 500,000 miles. A lot pushing 300k. What do I need to look out for? Are there any known...
  9. swampfoxSC

    Trade  02 F250 lariat CC LB 7.3 CAMPER ROOF RACK

    Hey guys selling my F250. I am interested in partial trades for guns, RTTs, off road trailers like m416,m101cdn, ect. Here is the CL link:
  10. swampfoxSC

    For Sale  Garvin Roof Rack-SC

    I got real nice Garvin rack perfect for a 80. Or any similar SUV. Here is my CL add $300 to MUD members.
  11. swampfoxSC

    For Sale  94 White Locked Rust Free in SC

    Got a 94 FJ80 with 220k on it. Runs and drives great. BACK UP FOR SALE!!!!! Dad decided he had too much on his plate right now. So since I had several guys ready cash in hand at $2800. I figured I would ley him off the hook. PM or text would be best 4043766711 Jon new link will update pics...
  12. swampfoxSC

    Chevy Steellies on a 94 FJ80

    Got a line on two sets of steel bullet hole steellies. They are 17x7.5 with 4.5" back space. Would these work on my 80? :popcorn:
  13. swampfoxSC

    Busted Bolt Help

    I am just now getting around to putting my Kaymar on the rear. And am having a hell of a time with the tow hitch bolts. I have used liberal penitrating oil amounts. I even thought I was planning ahead by hitting with oil weeks prior. The blue wrench didn't do the trick either. The damn truck is...
  14. swampfoxSC

    Kaymar Rear Bumper Install?s

    Anybody got some pics they can post of the mounting points? I have a 94 that I am putting it on. The directions that I have access to are not that great. And I am a bit confused by them. Thanks
  15. swampfoxSC

    Wanted  A442

    Somebody on here had a 442 that only had 10k on it. I cant remember what vendor it was. Anybody know who this is? I dont need it but would like to have it;)
  16. swampfoxSC

    Wanted  93/94 FSM

    I have my motor out and need a manual in a bad way. To get this thing rebuilt and back on the road or off the road is even better.:)
  17. swampfoxSC


    Anybody got the cam bolt torque and valve clearance specs for a 97 1Fze? My head is at the shop now in line for a rebuild;). I still have not found a decently priced manual! :( Thanks Jon
  18. swampfoxSC

    Need A Engine Gasket Set ASAP Whos Got Em

    And who has the best price? Also Its a 97 engine going in a 94. Is there a major difference between the 2 sets? It will be set up as a 94. Using all the top end components manifolds,TB,ect from my 94 engine. I am in SC.
  19. swampfoxSC

    White 80 Black Flares

    Anybody got any pics of white 80s with black flares? I ahve been thinking of going this route.
  20. swampfoxSC

    A filter is a filter-not!

    I was reading JCarter's rebuild thread. And mentioned he came across some info on "the orange can of death". This intrigued me to firther investigate. Hit up YouTube and found some info that completely shocked me.:eek: Because I have been using Fram filters all of my life. Because my dad does...
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