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  1. Czar

    Lancaster Toyota:

    If you are looking for fair prices on Toyota parts give these guys a call. I am replacing the main 3 radiator hoses on my 97 and called around out of curiosity. Not only did they match McGeorges online prices but the parts were ready for pick-up in 3 days. Shipping has been inconsistent of late...
  2. Czar

    Back in Pennsylvania

    After 4 years in North Carolina my job has taken me back to Pennsylvania, Palmyra to be exact. I have seen a couple 80's and 1 40 in town and I was wondering how many more locals were out there? Once the family get's settled I plan on joining the club and I hope to meet some of you soon. If you...
  3. Czar

    Charlotte area AC specialists / shops?

    My compressor seized up on me this weekend and I am looking for some AC shop recommendations here in Charlotte. All parts are on order and should be at my door Tuesday, just need someone to install compressor/drier/expansion valve, pull vacuum, and charge it up.
  4. Czar

    Relocating to Charlotte from Pa.

    Looks like I am relocating to Charlotte sometime in late September from Pennsylvania and just wanted to say hello. I am in the process of selling my home in Pa and will be flying down to NC on home shopping trips in a few weeks. I have been looking through listings and it seems like there are...
  5. Czar

    Wanted  275/70/16 for spare (PA)

    Looking for 1 275/70/16 to use as a spare. Would like if it would at least pass inspection. Located in the Harrisburg area.
  6. Czar

    Magnaflow Downpipe w/cat:

    Looks like a new product from Magnaflow for our trucks (At least I have never seen it listed). For $255.00 I may pull the trigger in spring.
  7. Czar

    Pic Request: 80 Series on 255/75/17's.

    I picked up some FJCruiser steelies for dirt cheap and noticed craigslist is usually filled with Rubicon owners trying to unload their BFG mud terrains in 255/75/17. I searched but could not find a pic of someone with this combination.
  8. Czar

    Fuel Pump Relay troubleshooting: Looking for the electrical guru's on this one.

    I'll try to make this as simple and to the point as possible: Symptoms: Typical no fuel/no start condition. Drove 150miles with no 2500-3000rpm cut-out normally associated with the Fuel pump relay issue. Shut the truck off after my trip and tried to start it back up with no luck. Checked all...
  9. Czar

    Brake overhaul: If you questioned it, do it!!

    Holy ***t what a difference. I could stop but never in a million years thought I could lock up my wheels during a non-panic stop with this truck. Parts: Napa reman calipers F/R - $58.00 F/$62.00 R Performance brake Slotted rotors - $260.00 MAF Stainless lines Toyota brake hardware (Clips etc)...
  10. Czar

    NAPA Brake Caliper Pricing:

    I've heard good things about NAPA re-build's and may consider them for my complete brake overhaul project this spring. I called my local NAPA and this is their current pricing: Front = $59.10/each Rear = $62.48/each **Not loaded with pads** If I can get Toyota castings which the guy @ NAPA...
  11. Czar

    For Sale  (Pa) FJ40 Fiberglass Roof $250.00

    I tried to sell this before but had no luck. I will accept all reasonable offers on my FJ40 fiberglass roof. As the add states, the roof is solid, no cracks or issues. Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser Fiberglass Roof and gutters
  12. Czar

    Well it happened, another head gasket victim.

    1997 LX450, 135000miles. Took a 300mile round trip this weekend to visit some family and vehicle ran great. I parked it for about a day and a half and as I always do I popped the hood before heading back home. Noticed the coolant reservoir was almost to the top, then I remembered the car...
  13. Czar

    Name this clump of wires-Car bucking under load.

    Symptoms: 1. Engine cuts out under load, about 2500rpms. 2. Wont start, until I tap FPR. What I know: 1. FPR (Fuel pump relay) is about 8months old. I had the same symptoms and replaced it, worked like a champ. 2. New FPR looks brand new inside, no signs of pitting or corrosion. I...
  14. Czar

    Finally some pics of the LX!

    Long overdue. Line-X roof, OME stock height, and totally base-lined. Roof rack in the works.
  15. Czar

    LX450 Springs: Pennsylvania

    Guys: I have 4 stock springs from my 1997 LX450. I'm running the stock height OME springs, so please just get these out of my garage I have no use for them. Condition: surface rust (PA vehicle), they made the LX450 sag a bit, not as bad as some vehicles I've seen. $50.00 for all 4...
  16. Czar

    OEM Roof Rack holes - Need input on remedy

    I know there are a few threads regarding patching these holes and I wanted to shed some light on information I received from my local Line-X shop. 1. I plan on Line-Xing a 48x60 patch, which will cover not only the holes but provide some added protection to the roof when I drop the cash on a...
  17. Czar

    For Sale  1974 Original Fiberglass Top

    I have an original fiberglass top for a 1970's FJ40. - Fiberglass is not cracked - Will need to be sanded and repainted (peeling paint as you can see in pictures) - Original gutters attached - Some surface rust present, easy sand/fix. I'll throw in a steering rack,3 speed tranny,and...
  18. Czar

    Surco Safari Roof Racks: Anyone have one?

    Surco Safari Roof Racks From Everything SUV Wondering if anyone has actually bought one of these. They are aluminum, support extra attachments, and most importantly a 40x60 is only $260.00 :eek:. Am I the only one who thinks $700.00 for a roof rack is rediculous?
  19. Czar

    Possible Issues with Bosal system.

    I know a few of us here have bought the Bosal muffler and or complete system. As with any replacement product, the question of quality and fitment usually comes up. In previous posts I described having to re-weld/re-position the Bosal mounts for them to clear the hangar mounts, and in general I...
  20. Czar

    Winter Coolant level question:

    Winter is here, and I decided to glance at the coolant level since I did the PHP a few weeks ago. Well the reservoir is showing right at the cold mark, with a cold engine, which is normal. I decided to investigate further, and popped the rad cap for good measure. To my surprise there was no...
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