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  1. Will Van

    SOLD  Austin, TX: 12HT Diesel Swap Parts for 40-Series

    I am going a different direction with my 40-series build. I am selling diesel swap parts for an H series diesel into a 40 series chassis. These are based on an HJ47 and are very difficult to find. I am not willing to separate at this time. The advantage of these swap parts is they are bolt-on...
  2. Will Van

    SOLD  Austin, TX: 1HZ Diesel Engine Swap Kit For 40-Series Chassis

    I am going a different direction with my build. I am selling Wayne (Crusher's) 1HZ diesel engine swap kit for a 40 series chassis. The kit will work with any H-series engine (1HZ, 1HZ-T, 1HD-T, 1HD-FT). Asking price is $500 OBO for local pickup only. If I don't get any interest for local...
  3. Will Van

    4Runner - Purchase?

    Edit: This thread has morphed into just searching for a 4Runner for a diesel swap. TBH, I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for. I know I want to swap in an OM617, so I'm waiting on more product-development from Doomsday Diesel regarding their serpentine belt kit and swap kits for a 3rd gen...
  4. Will Van

    1KZ-TE Engine Swap Questions

    I'm interested in swapping a 1KZ-TE engine and R150/151 manual transmission into a USA-spec truck (pre-1995 Pickup or 1995.5 - 2004 Tacoma). The 1KZ-TE was available in the Prado, Hilux, Surf, and HiAce. I am trying to avoid fabricating engine and transmission mounts for the swap. My question...
  5. Will Van

    75 and 79 Series Pickup Discussion and Importation

    I was having a discussion in the classifieds section about the logistics of importing a 75/79 series pickup, versus just building the truck with a stretched 80 frame. Rather than continue to hijack the seller's thread, I moved the discussion to the Tech section. Does anyone make a turn-key 80...
  6. Will Van

    Wanted  60 Series Back Up Switch Pigtail (x2)

    Looking for the chassis-side female pigtail for my H55F back-up switch and 4WD switch. Need two pigtails. I need the chassis-side (female) of this connector (x2).
  7. Will Van

    H42 Bellhousing Dimension Question

    Does someone have an H42 bellhousing laying around? I need a dimension. What is the engine-face to transmission-face dimension on the H42 to 2F bellhousing? 7-1/8"? TIA!
  8. Will Van

    Wanted  HJ45/47 Engine Mounts, Bellhousing, and Clutch Fork

    I am converting my 1977 FJ40 Land Cruiser w/ 2F and H55F to a 12HT diesel. With the correct engine mounts and bellhousing, the drive-train assembly is bolt-in to the FJ40 chassis. I am looking for HJ45/47 front engine mounts. And an HJ45 bellhousing and clutch fork (2-piece cast iron w/ frame...
  9. Will Van

    Engine Family Comparison: 1HZ, 1HZ-T, 1HD-T, 1HD-FT

    I am thinking about converting my 1977 FJ40 to diesel. I have Crushers swap kit with engine mounts, radiator bracket, fan shroud, and trans mount for the H55. The kit works with any 1H series engine. I thought this would be a good opportunity to compare and contrast the various advantages and...
  10. Will Van

    For Sale  Bixby, OK: EBay - Brand New 1HZ Short Block and Head For Sale (Not Mine)

    Not mine. I just spotted it on EBay. BNIB Toyota 1HZ short block and head for sale. NIB Toyota 1HZ Shortblock | eBay NIB Toyota 1HZ Head | eBay
  11. Will Van

    Wanted  Austin, TX: 2F 1975 - 1979 Fuel Hardline Bracket at front of Valve Cover

    I am looking for this fuel hardline bracket that is located at the front of the valve cover that mounts to the thermostat housing. The part is discontinued from Toyota ( Toyota PN: 23841-61010-U). Thanks!
  12. Will Van

    1977 FJ40 Basic Wiring Help - Holley Sniper, Dakota Digital, DUI Dizzy, Mean Green Alt., ARB Comp., Fuel Pump

    Edit: TLDNR??? What is the best source for switched ignition? Which of the accessories below would you wire with a relay? Can I use a Blue Sea BusBar to distribute the 12 volt ignition source? _______________________________________________________________________________________ Hey guys! I...
  13. Will Van

    1977 FJ40 H55F Extended Parking Brake Cable

    I have a 1977 FJ40 and I'm doing an H55F swap with a t-case drum parking brake. It has the "T" style of parking brake cable end. Does anyone know if there is an OEM Toyota parking cable that is extended 7" to 8" (68" total) that has the "T" style end? I think Toyota PN 46410-60050 is 68" long...
  14. Will Van

    For Sale  PIAA 510 Xtra Super White 4" Driving Lights w/ Wiring Harness

    Brand New PIAA 510 Xtra Super White 4" Driving Lights and Wiring Harness with 30 amp relay. $50 shipped. Kit Includes 2 Genuine PIAA 2876684 Driving Enclosures + BlingLights Harness Black Stamped Steel Housings and Hardened Quartz Glass Lens PIAA's Xtra Star White Technology Produces More HID...
  15. Will Van

    FJ40 Power Steering Conversion - 80 Series Power Steering Box Kit?

    I want to do a power steering install on my 1977 FJ40. I have heard the 80 series power steering box works very well with a 1HZ power steering pump (which is ultimately what I want to do). Does anyone make a power steering kit using the 80 series power steering box? I basically want to...
  16. Will Van

    For Sale  Austin, TX: FZJ80 Pesky Heater Hose Kits w/ Breeze Stainless Clamps

    All coolant and PHH kits for FZJ80 with 1FZ-FE. You can read more about the one-piece molded rear heater delete in my writeup: Rear Heater Delete/Coolant Line Cleanup SOLD: Samco Extreme Pesky Heater Hose Kit w/ Breeze Constant Torque Stainless Clamps = $25 shipped One-Piece Molded Rear...
  17. Will Van

    SOLD  Austin, TX: Trail Gear 1.5" Wheel Spacer for FJ40 Spare Tire Carrier

    I needed a spacer for my 33" tire to mount on the back of my FJ40 tire carrier. Trail Gear only sold them in pairs. Getting rid of the second spacer. Works great for 33" tire and would probably work for a 35" tire too. Trail Gear 140003-1-Kit single wheel spacer: $35 shipped. All parts...
  18. Will Van

    SOLD  Austin, TX: Slee Offroad FZJ80 1993 - 1997 FZJ80 Stainless Extended Brake Lines

    Edit: Sold. Slee stainless steel extended brake line kits for 1993 to 1997 FZJ80 Land Cruiser. For 2" to 4" lifts. Slee STF1008 for Axle to Frame: $35 shipped Slee STF1021 for Axle to Caliper: Axle to Caliper: $55 shipped $80 shipped if you buy the whole kit. All parts shipped to...
  19. Will Van

    SOLD  Austin, TX: OEM Toyota FZJ80 Fuel Pressure Regulator and Fuel Filter

    Edit: Sold. All parts for 1FZ-FE 80 Series. OEM Toyota Fuel Pressure Regulator PN: 23280-7510 = $50 shipped OEM Toyota Fuel Filter PN: 23300-69045 = $20 shipped OEM Toyota Fuel Filter PN: 95334-06010 = Free w/ purchase I'll let the whole kit go for $65 if you buy everything. This is a...
  20. Will Van

    Dakota Digital RTX Speedo Sensor Install Question

    I am finally getting around to installing my Dakota Digital RTX system in my 40 series. I have an H55F and Toyota twin stick split case from a 60 series. The kit is supplied with a 7/8"-18 extension cable, presumably to adapt the Dakota Digital electronic speed sensor to the Toyota transfer...
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