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  1. Dianna

    Is this Ohio FJ40 build thread on here?

    Hi guys, I was watching the 40 channel on YouTube and he featured a beautiful rig that had Ohio plates. Does anyone know if the owner is on here, and/or the build thread? I'd love to see the details.
  2. Dianna

    Bezel color change

    Decided to do a little change from the white bezel. Couldn’t resist parking next to this at the store. ;) :cool:
  3. Dianna

    Windshield hood rubber

    Hi guys, anyone have a part number for the rubber pieces that go in the windshield hold down on the hood? I thought we had a part number thread here, but was not able to find it! I'm not looking for the solid piece, the newer one (1977). Thanks!
  4. Dianna

    Is this an issue?

    Hi guys, my pinion nut was extremely loose. I can't find anything that shows how much play, if any, there should be in the rear pinion. Any advice moving forward is greatly appreciated.
  5. Dianna

    Updated, pinion nut was barely on :( Advice, please!

    Hi guys, when I am accelerating I don't have any noise, as soon as I take my foot off the gas, I get this horrible sound. It is also there with the clutch engaged. I crawled underneath and shook stuff around, lol. Not really sure what I should be looking for. There was slight play in the back of...
  6. Dianna

    Homeless in Ohio with my 40!

    Hi guys, are any of you close to Western PA? I'm in NE Ohio, and would love to be involved in some rides or wrenching if anyone isn't too far away! I am excited to see that there are quite a few builds going on in Ohio, but the last time I saw another FJ40 here was about 10 years ago. I am a...
  7. Dianna

    $70 Marine battery, good deal and will it fit?

    Hi guys, Walmart has these batteries on clearance for about $70. Opinions? Unfortunately, my 40 sits a lot, as I live in NE Ohio and I just have a bikini top, and don't drive in winter, below 60 degrees, or in the rain. So basically I get to drive it in the summer months about 50 times. (and I'm...
  8. Dianna

    Car Fix Project FJ40

    I just turned on Car Fix today and was surprised to see two different guys hosting, and they were working on converting drum brakes, front and rear, to disc on a 1969. It will be on again tomorrow morning if you missed it.
  9. Dianna


    Hi guys, I googled Woolwax vs Fluid film and was directed to a thread here at Mud in the 80-series. I don't play over there, so hadn't seen it, so I thought for others, I'd share the information here. I don't drive my 40 in the winter here in NE Ohio, but I have seen what just one winter did to...
  10. Dianna

    For Sale  Wampum PA axles

    Hi guys, I picked up this beauty this weekend, the seller also had these Toyota axles he wants to sell. He has no idea what they are from, but I wanted to pass along in case anyone is interested. If anyone who isn't interested knows what they are from, feel free to pass along the information and...
  11. Dianna

    Cheapest place to buy tires? Duratracs?

    Hey guys, the snow will fly soon up here in NE Ohio. I'm going to try some Duratracs this winter. Any recommendations on the best deal out there? Should I wait until the black Friday deals roll out?
  12. Dianna

    Am I crazy to still drive this?

    How bad is this? I'm assuming it's unsafe to drive :( . I don't have that many days left to enjoy it before salt hits the roads here in Ohio, I was hoping to get a few more rides in before it gets parked. I'm installing power steering this winter, so that's why I haven't addressed this issue...
  13. Dianna

    Timing window cover?

    I saw a couple of posts where there was a cover over the timing window in a 2F. Is this something I am missing? If so, is it something I need to correct?
  14. Dianna

    Exhaust Manifold Gasket replacement

    Hi guys, I need to replace the exhaust manifold gasket in my 77 2F. I have found many posts with tips, but I was hoping there is one thread that can make my life easier tearing this apart. It looks like I'm fortunate that I have not yet had to replace it in the 20 years I have had my FJ. I'm...
  15. Dianna

    Fiberglass half doors

    I really wanted to see what the fiberglass half doors that the Fiberglass Factory is selling on Ebay, were like before purchasing, but i couldn't find any information, so I'm the guinea pig. I haven't ever done any unboxing videos (as made obvious by my poor attempt demonstrated here) but at...
  16. Dianna

    Older Ramsey 9,000 synthetic cable advice please

    Hey guys, I'm on overload after searching, and some of the posts are pretty old... I would like to replace the cable on my older Ramsey with synthetic. I read that on the Warn, other things need replaced. Winch is used sparingly (I know, I need to have more fun), please help with suggestions on...
  17. Dianna

    Removable side rails?

    Hey guys. My dad has a car hauler that he has been using as a utility trailer. When he purchased it, it had stake pockets welded on, and someone build sides on it, in two 8 foot panels. I wanted to figure out some way to use 16 foot boards, and be able to take off each board individually. Anyone...
  18. Dianna

    Backfiring through carburetor

    Hey guys. I got my baby out from a long winters nap, changed the oil, flushed the brake lines, and away we went. (1977, original 2F, desmogged, electronic ignition from a 1978) She ran great and I drove about 50 miles with it running perfectly. After driving down a steep, half mile long hill, I...
  19. Dianna

    Steel half doors

    Hi guys, I’m done thinking that I may get around to cutting down my doors into half doors and saw these on EBay. I searched but don’t see anything about them. Does anyone have any experience with these? The pic of the interior looks like fiberglass, but the description says steel doors. They...
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