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  1. friel01

    Tailgate lettering

    I finally got tired enough of my tailgate not having the lettering painted. So I did something about it. Same goes for the 4x4 logo. Now they are both painted on, I just need to clear coat it to be done, but it is raining here in AZ today.... Who woulda thunk it!
  2. friel01

    Cleaning the garage

    Cleaning stuff out of my garage. Most of this stuff is cruiser stuff, but there are some extra seat belts (took me a long time to find the right belts for my truck with the custom seats). Taurus fan, a couple sets of windshield latches, hinges, gauge cluster, an old gas pedal (linkage style)...
  3. friel01

    Back in town and for sale

    Hi, after 3 years up in Seattle, I am back in town (Tucson anyway) and my fj45 with the ls1 engine is for sale. I just drove it down, 2000 miles, with a side trip through Yosemite park. Drives great, tons if power. Please check out the auction and if you know anyone looking, please let them...
  4. friel01

    Truck back for sale, now in Tucson after roadtrip Truck now located in Tucson after a fun drive from Seattle through Yosemite. If you know anyone looking for a great truck, please let them know. Brian
  5. friel01

    Road trip

    Well, I tried to quickly sell my truck a couple weeks ago, but no takers on such short notice.... So I loaded her up and drove from Seattle to Tucson with a side trip through the recently burned parts of northern california and Yosemite. Because of my meandering, I put 2000 miles on it in 2...
  6. friel01

    For Sale  1965 FJ45 with LS1 (Washington)

    okay folks, family situation makes me trying to sell my truck. I know how this works, so let the flames begin.... point out everything wrong with it. But here is the ebay and yes, it really is a 45, it is just titles...
  7. friel01

    new to area. Hello

    Hi, just moved up here from dry warm (hot) arizona. Thought I would say hello and introduce myself to the local group. My name is Brian, my truck is a 65 fj45. (I have had several fj40s and a few 80 series in my past, but this is my only cruiser right now). Just finished building it last...
  8. friel01


    thought I would post this pic from BBC, of a well equiped fj45 in Libya, with all of the accessories one could want.
  9. friel01

    56 buick anyone?

    I am moving to Seattle in 2 weeks, and just got a place rented up there. It only has a two car garage, and I have decided I need to part with my 56 buick project. The car is a 1956 buick special 4 door (no post, riviera model). I have already done lots too it. I stripped it down, primed it...
  10. friel01

    couple things for sale for a 40

    anyone need a chrome bezel? $20 set of high steer arms and knuckle housings (small pattern - I think that is '69-74) $50 will have more junk (oops, I mean classic cruiser parts) as I continue my garage cleaning). First come first serve. PM me.
  11. friel01

    field trials

    Continuing the test runs of my new truck. Have been driving it all over town, no issues, and finally got my 18" drop hitch, so today I installed the trailer brake controller, and hitched up the Airstream (1961, Overlander, 26ft), and took it on a test run up to Superior and back. Just wanted to...
  12. friel01

    lx450 wheels and tires for sale

    Off of a 97 lx450, with the stock michelin tires. I was using them as rollers for my truck I was building, but truck is done, so time for them to go. All 4 wheels and tires for $240. Located in East Mesa. Other cruiser stuff will be posted fro sale as I clean my garage this weekend...
  13. friel01

    hydroboost puking

    I could use a little help fromt he experts... Installed a hydroboost system on my build, and now that I have it running, everytime I stop the engine, it ends up puking fluid out of hte resevoir. At first I thought I had simply overfilled, but it seems like it should have vomited out to the...
  14. friel01

    tail light question

    silly tail light question for a 45 LWB. I took these apart 4 years ago.... there are two sockets in each light bucket. One has two leads (for the bulb with two filiments) and the other has one lead. My lenses are half orange, half red. Which one does the double lead one go to (red or orange...
  15. friel01

    selling my lx450 (WITH LOCKERS)

    I think I am goig to put my truck for sale - 1997 LX450. It has factory e-lockers, a 3" OME lift, ARB front bumper, Slee sliders, Kaymar rear bumper with tire carrier and gas can holder. Currently running 35" BFG MT tires. 165K miles. Also still have the original factory bumpers and...
  16. friel01

    lost adjuster screw

    I am 3 yrs into my build and finally putting stuff together, and I cant find one of my headlight adjuster screws (see photo), the special screw iwth the lip that grabs the headlight and moves it. This is the old style (mid-60s) bib that has full headlight buckets. (see attached photo)...
  17. friel01

    adjuster screw

    Okay, I am hoping to cash in some cruiser-karma here.... 3 yrs into my build and I am putting things back together and I cant find one of the headlight adjuster screws with the little lip that grabs the headlight. (see attached photo). It is whatever one fits a old mid-60s style bib. (see...
  18. friel01

    bug catcher assembly

    Okay, outting stuff back together... big catcher window in the rubber, THEN into the door, or rubber into the door, THEN put the glass in??? I really dont want to destroy these rare original gaskets by doing it wrong.
  19. friel01

    window sticker

    I am looking for an old school window decal that I remember from the past (20 yrs ago). Here is a pic form Specter. But I remember there being a version that said Land Cruiser, not just Cruiser. Anyone have any ideas?
  20. friel01


    Spent yesterday and today in the booth. Shiny...
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