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  1. steven4mc

    Reshaping skid plates

    Here's long shot: Any idea where to find original Rasta Aluminum skid plate dimensions and angles? Or better yet, how to go about reshaping/bending the front skid?
  2. steven4mc

    mirror power

    I'd like to operate the side mirrors without the ignition on. Can't find a relay to bypass like I did with the windows, only the ACC fuse.
  3. steven4mc

    loud springs?

    When I go over any bump slowly it sounds like old bed springs. Not sure if it's coming from the coilovers or maybe the U/LCAs. It's hard to recreate without a friend to listen. And I have no friends:frown: Where's a good place to start. THX
  4. steven4mc

    Wanted  33x9.50R15

    WTB: Used if possible. Single 33x9.50R15 Tire. Condition and make doesn't matter.
  5. steven4mc

    rear door opened from the inside

    Wondered if anyone had any ideas for a way to open the rear door from the inside. Obviously it would take some fabbing but I wouldn't know where to start. It would be handy for us car campers. TIA
  6. steven4mc

    Bike Rack

    Has anyone tried the spare tire type of bike rack yet? Any recommendations?
  7. steven4mc

    Hand Held CB

    Does anyone have an opinion on a hand held CB vs built-in? And which hand held would be recommended if one didn't want to do an install? TIA
  8. steven4mc


    Is there a factory service manual for the FJC?
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